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  1. Carmell Jones archival release Carmell Jones Quartet: Previously Unreleased Los Angeles Session Carmell Jones Featuring: Carmell Jones (tp), Forrest Westbrook (p), Gary Peacock (b), Bill Schwemmer (d) REFERENCE: FSRCD 867 BAR CODE: - In August 1960, 24-year old trumpet player Carmell Jones left his Kansas City home-town and hopped a bus to Los Angeles, intent on hitting the West Coast jazz scene. There, his impact was immediate and would prove to be memorable. He was quickly part of a quartet with pianist Forrest Westbrook, bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Bill Schwemmer. They rehearsed at Westbrook’s apartment at 2021 Sta. Monica Blvd, Hollywood, where this unreleased material was recorded at the end of that month. It was an amazing session, in which Carmell, oozing confidence and assertiveness, demonstrated a fresh, virile and imaginative style, with a warm ballad tone and an authoritatively implacable swing at up tempo. The highly responsive rhythm section locked right on him all the way, and also revealed Forrest Westbrook as a highly talented and sensitive pianist, with an advanced concept of improvisation, and a built-in propensity for swinging hard. Along with the pungently powerful Peacock and the driving Schwemmer, they provided an ideally vigorous support for Carmell Jones, who, unbelievably soon, would come to be regarded as among the finest trumpeters on the West Coast. These never-beforereleased recordings, his first on the Coast, show why. Tracklisting: 01. Willow Weep for Me (Ronell) 7:25 02. If I Love Again (Oakland-Murray) 6:02 03. Ruby (Ray Charles) 6:27 04. For Every Man There’s a Woman (Arlen-Robin) 5:15 05. Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Wright-Forrest) 4:46 06. Airegin (Sonny Rollins) 9:05 Alternate takes: 07. Willow Weep for Me (Ronell) 9:31 08. If I Love Again (Oakland-Murray) 7:07 09. Ruby (Ray Charles) 5:54 10. For Every Man There’s a Woman (Arlen-Robin) 4:14 Previously unreleased Los Angeles session Personnel: CARMELL JONES QUARTET Carmell Jones, trumpet (out on #6), with Forrest Westbrook, piano; Gary Peacock, bass; and Bill Schwemmer, drums. Recorded at Forrest Westbrook studio, Hollywood, August 1960 Original reel-to-reel tape recordings: Forrest Westbrook Analog-to-digital transfer by Joe Sidore
  2. Al Cohn, Jazz Mission to Moscow

    Ok here's a rare slice of history I want to sample...