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  1. ' WE ' all know the drummers of Duke Ellington, starting with Sonny Greer, then from the 50's-years with Louie Bellson, Sam Woodyard , Jimmy Johnson , Dave Black.. Rufus*Speed*Jones..- In the year..:1966 Duke in his European jazz-festivals tours (*one in Milano ,Italy, and in Parigi ,France..) used to have 'two'-drummers in the Orchestra..:''Skeets'' March with Elvin Jones,.!!..- Well, ''WE'' all know Elvin Jones.,but surely no-one of us know, or have seen ''Skeets'' March,.?!?,. Is possible to have an ..HELP.. from someone that posts some photos??,.- -
  2. I'm looking for Elvin Jones Complete Blue Note Recordings by Mosaic. EBay and Amazon Marketplace list used copies for an expensive price IMHO. Hoping forum members with copies are not as predatory. :-)