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  1. The Complete Capitol & Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Giuffre Mosaic, $140 (6 CDs) Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings Of Roland Kirk, $115 (10 CDs +1 bonus CD) John Zorn, Spy vs. Spy, $7 Miles Davis, Big Fun, $15, 2 CDs, 90s Japan issue with original mix Fritz Hauser, Zwei (hat ART), $5, (duos with Pauline Oliveros, Lauren Newton, et al) Derek Bailey, Takes Fakes & Dead She Dances (Incus), $9 Derek Bailey & Susie Ibarra, Daedel (Incus) $13 Derek Bailey Fairly Early With Postscripts (Emanem), $12 The American Jazz Quintet ‎ From Bad To Badder (Black Saint), $11 (with Ed Blackwell, Alvin Battiste, Ellis Marsalis) The Jones Brothers (Thad, Hank, Elvin & Sam), Keepin' Up With the Joneses (Verve Elite Edition) $10 ON HOLD Oliver Lake, Zaki, (hat ART), $10