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  1. Maybe he shoulda said Willie Mays? ... play ball! ⚾️
  2. Watching the first inning of Tigers-Yankees spring training game right now... so good to have baseball back!
  3. Let the moves, speculations, rants, and wintry dreams begin! Masahiro Tanaka declines to opt out, stays with Yankees Very happy about this, and a wise move on Tanaka's part IMO, after the up-and-down season he had and the ongoing concern about his elbow. Hopefully this also means there's no chance that the Yankees will chase either Yu Darvish (though much respect to him as a pitcher and a person) or Jake Arrieta, as both will turn 32 next year and will most likely be seeking multi-year deals that take them to the end of their careers. So this puts NY's rotation next year as Severino/Tanaka/Gray, with Jordan Montgomery and possibly CC (will NY resign him to a one-year deal? I would, if I were Brian Cashman and company), or Chance Adams, if he's MLB-ready, filling out the back end. With Chapman, Kahnle, Robertson and Warren all coming back in the bullpen, the big question there is whether or not Dellin Betances can return to form... even if he can't, the bullpen looks pretty good right now.
  4. Carmen Fanzone

    I was playing the title track off Sue Raney's Dreamsville on my afternoon show today and neglected to backannounce the flugelhorn soloist. A few minutes later a listener emailed me inquiring as to the soloist's identity, so I checked the liners and replied. Just got a followup from the listener regarding further biographical information about said soloist--I used to have baseball cards of this guy when I was a kid!