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  1. West Coast Revivalists

    This is an interesting resource sent by a friend:
  2. Joe Fields RIP

    A friend just forwarded me an email from Jazz Promo Services stating that Joe Fields, record producer/label owner - Cobblestone, Muse/Savoy Jazz, HighNote/Savant - has passed away at age 88. I can't find anything else to confirm this, but funeral arrangements are listed, so I assume he has passed.
  3. I have three CDs I am hoping to issue soon, if I can develop enough preorders; they are: 1) I Am A Woman Again: The Life of Gladys Bentley (a women’s alliance project with: Me, Lisa Parrott, Carolyn Castellano, Nicole Glover, Kelly Green, Kevin Ray, Ray Suhy. Short but effective (approx. 49 minutes) musical suite based on the life of the cross-dressing blues singer Gladys Bentley). This might surprise you; very intense set. 2) Un-Named Session with Ken Peploswki, Aaron Johnson, me, Kevin Ray, Lou Grassi. Kelly Green); terrific jazz set, all originals by moi – 3) Un-Named session with: me, Randy Sandke, Jeremy Carlstedt, Steve Swell, Lewis Porter, Kevin Ray, Bobby Zankel, Don Slatoff; still mixing down; all originals, powerful playing by a great band, open and with chord changes. Will ship all 3 for $25 with pre-order. $10 each for individuals; these will be very basic, no frills issues (with REAL cds, btw); the music is too good for me to sit on any longer - please don’t order yet, just let me know if you want to. I can proceed with about 40 0rders – thanks -