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  1. Last week's show, exploring Ellington's score for the 1959 Otto Preminger film Anatomy Of A Murder and Lewis' score for Robert Wise's Odds Against Tomorrow, made the same year, is up for online listening: Black Composers In Hollywood: Duke Ellington and John Lewis, 1959
  2. This week on Night Lights--delving into the 1957 film, soundtrack, and cultural significance of Sweet Smell of Success with film expert James Naremore (author of MORE THAN NIGHT: FILM NOIR IN ITS CONTEXTS) and Indiana University music professor and Dial M for Musicology blogger Phil Ford. Playwright Clifford Odets, actors Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, director Alexander Mackendrick, and the Chico Hamilton Quintet all helped shape the direction of a movie that's become a cinematic classic. The program is archived for online listening: Sweet Smell of Success Air times for Night Lights around the U.S.
  3. April 14 in select cities.
  4. Anybody else hoping this will have some substance and capture Baker on the cusp of his comeback? If it's successful, it will open the door for others: Art Pepper - Laurie Pepper's fear of dramatic license aside - and perhaps, if we are lucky, Hampton Hawes. And as it only concentrates on a specific period of Baker's life, there is still room for a film about that first ill-fated, yet successful tour of Europe with Richard Twardzik and the Barclay sessions in Paris. It sounds all too good to be true, along with the William Burroughs biopic!
  5. I'm the son of the owners of 55 Grand, the NYC jazz club and musicians hang that was located in Soho and open from 1981 to 1984. I'm in the process of building an archives for the club for use in a documentary film I'm making. I'm putting out a call for any materials that may be floating out in the ether. I will pay money for any video, audio recordings, photographs, or other relevant archival materials from the club that you may have. Materials can be of performances or the general scene at the club. Please contact directly at