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  1. Directions to Paine Hall Hat tip to
  2. As a few of you know, I decided a few months ago to get back into playing original music on an ongoing basis. The result is a trio, Summusic, consisting of myself, Carl Hillman on bass, and Andrew Griffith on drums. We've been rehearsing bi-monthly since August. I've recorded almost everything on my cell phone, and have just posted a few takes on Soundcloud, which I'd like to share on a semi-ongoing basis. A few caveats/comments: These are rehearsals, not finished products. Roughness in performance and recording in abundantly present. Rehearsals of new materials and cellphone recordings, ok? Although live performances are part of the object of this game, a commercial recording probably isn't. So there probably never will be a "finished product" on any of this stuff, just perpetual works in progress. At this point, yeah, we're giving it away. Help yourself! Works in progress they are, I'm learning them almost as the band does. Not playing original/creative music for these last few years means, among other things, some things were written and then set aside w/o ever being played, or even better, written and taken straight to rehearsal. Our aim is to be an improvisational unit, to take the material as a starting point, not as an end unto itself. Don't want to be a "blowing" band, plenty of that already, more interested in improvising on themes and creating fluid yet definite structures. That's gonna take time, but time we got, at this point, anyway. Don't call it jazz. Not these days. Please. We're working on playing everything as a continuous set, an ongoing macro-composition. Consider these as initial looks at three of the individual "movements" of that macro-composition. There's more pieces than these, but these are the three recordings I've lived with long enough to share. Even though they're rough, early, and raw, I think they're rooted in the right place as group performances to take further. If there is objection on the grounds that hey, you can't just stop playing, walk away from it, actually come to distrust it, and come back again some years later and expect people to take you seriously, hey, I'm right there with you. But not doing this at this time just wasn't an option, and that's what I'm taking even more seriously than the self-doubt. Go figure. More to come to the Soundcloud site as things develop if/and I feel relevant enough to share. Hope that some of you like at least some of it.
  3. Free improve - jazz

    Hey everyone ! this is me having a free improve from scratch on a cheep keyboard I found .. enjoy ! * any comment is welcome !