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  1. As far as I can tell, Zoot made just two records for ABC-Paramount, both utilizing an overdubbed horn section. Zoot Sims Plays Alto, Tenor And Baritone Johnny Williams: piano Nabil Totah: bass Gus Johnson: drums George Handy: compositions recorded November 2 & 19, 1956 Zoot Sims Plays 4 Altos George Handy: piano & compositions Nabil Totah: bass Nick Stabulas: drums recorded January 11, 1957 ============================ These records are just as much George Handy records as they are Zoot Sims records. My first impression, however many years ago, was that the music (and hence compositions) was somewhat quaint. Zoot's playing is unimpeachable as always. Nowadays I'm enjoying Handy's writing more. And the way Zoot plays ensembles? Not an easy task, and Zoot makes it sound easy. Handy's composition "Blinuet" from Plays Alto, Tenor And Baritone ended up in a Wes Anderson film. It's one of the more memorable tracks from these sessions. Anyone else a fan of these records? Fresh Sounds put out a disc containing both albums quite a few years ago, but outside of that, I don't think either album has seen a digital release, not even from the Japanese market. Too bad, because both are swinging affairs.
  2. “Diggin' Diz”

    I have been trying to verify the first release of “Diggin' Diz" with Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Lucky Thompson (ts) George Handy (p) Arvin Garrison (g) Ray Brown (b) Stan Levey (d) that has an uneven history in jazz discographies. Most claim that is was released on Dial 1004. All of the versions of Dial 1004 that I have listened to are “Diggin' For Diz” that was recorded on the second Dial date, February 7, 1946, with different personnel. The same discographies note that it was also released on Dial LP 207 and Spotlight SPJ-101. I wondered if any forum members own any of the above releases and could verify if “Diggin' Diz” is on a version of Dial 1004, Dial LP 207, or Spotlight SPJ-101? Geoff Wheeler conducted extensive research on Dial. He states on page 120 of his magnum opus on Dial that the date of the first recording session was February 4, 1946, as verified in the Ross Russell Collection.
  3. I have been researching recordings that included Arv Garrison. Billboard noted the release of Sarco 104, “Rip Van Winkle” and “Stick Around” (Vivian Garry Quartet-George Handy) in their Advance Record Releases column on page 124 of the June 29, 1946, edition. Was this release cancelled? I note that the LP release, Onyx 212, Central Avenue Breakdown, Vol. 1, did not include this release, only the first three releases by this group on Sarco. Also looking for an image of Tonsilectomy on Sarco 103.