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  1. I'm on the fence and can't decide what to get to use with my SK2 - GSI Burn or the Ventilator II. The price for the Burn is much lower. A lot of folks on the internet keep praising and leaning to Ventilator as the best in Leslie 122 simulation with the best 3D Leslie effect. Is it really true? Cuz I've listened to many GSI Burn demos on YT and it sounds killing too! Please, somebody, just tell me which out of those two does the best 122 simulation? Or are they both good in it? Also, is it possible to use the SK2 built in reverb with the Ventilator II? And I believe the Vent II still doesn't have MIDI inputs does it? Please, guys, give me your thoughts. Any input will be helpful and appreciated! Thx, guys!