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  1. Just stumbled on this in the SHF's general Mosaic thread (from a post dated March 30, 2021 -- by SHF member J.A.W.)... Anybody got any more info?? What timeframe is this likely to be from? Any other speculation? -- or does anyone have an inside scoop to share?
  2. Last week's Night Lights program, put together in honor of the Tristano centennial this year, is now available for online listening:
  3. well, I caught a lot of shit recently for positing that Lennie Tristano was a prime influence on Herbie Hancock. So I'm watching the Steve Allen Show clip of Miles doing Kind of Blue from 1964; some way through Herbie's solo, what does he do? A minute or so of pure Tristano derivatives (it occurs, on the clip I watched, at 7:39) based on a classic Lennie phrase device. Take that you yahoos, and never question the great Allini's musical judgment ever again. I forgive you, tempted as I am to smote you all (or I might say: Stryker 3, you're out) -
  4. Evidently Lee Konitz was supposed to attend but won’t be coming. For Boston-area and New England board members who might be interested, here’s the schedule: Presentations by Eunmi Shim and Neil Olmstead “The Life and Music of Lennie Tristano” Monday, March 25, 1-3pm Berk Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston) Presentation by Lewis Porter “How Lennie Learned to Play ‘Out’: the ‘Avant-Garde’ side of Tatum and other pianists before Tristano” Tuesday, March 26, 1-3pm Berk Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston) Conversation with David Liebman* and Jimmy Halperin *Berklee Global Jazz Institute Artist in Residence “Tristano’s Teaching” Tuesday, March 26, 7-8pm Media Center Lab at Stan GetzLibrary, Room 106 (150 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston) Conversation with Dave Frank and Jimmy Halperin “Tristano’s Influence” Wednesday, March 27, 1-3pm Red Room at Cafe 939 (939 Boylston Street, Boston) Performance by Dave Frank and Jimmy Halperin Wednesday, March 27, 7-8pm Oliver Colvin Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston)