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  1. Hey gang, here's a new Night Lights show about saxophonist Percy France, subject of Dan Gould's recently-launched website. And this Night Lights episode was developed with considerable assistance from Mr. Gould! Hope you enjoy it: Out Of The Shadows: Percy France
  2. Big John Patton Sighting?

    So I attained a new Percy France recording, October 1988 at Flamingo Lounge in Brooklyn. Percy announces musicians at the end of set 1 ... and its "John Patton" on piano, and Wes Anderson on drums. And I am thinking, I'll never know who these two guys are, any google hit will be for Big John, and for Wes Anderson the saxophonist. Now it's been pointed out that maybe it actually could be Big John on piano? My thought is "no" because Percy doesn't introduce him as such and there's no special crowd reaction either. Then again the crowd is not too excited in general. Does anyone know definitively where Big John would have been in 1988? (Where is Soul Stream aka Mike Flanigan when you need him?) Maybe someone knows of a John Patton pianist in the late 80s on the NYC scene? I gotta admit, the thought that this maybe could be Big John on piano with Percy France is pretty exciting. edit to add: there's also the intriguing possibility that Leonard Gaskin brought his Walkman to record this gig, specifically because it was BJP?