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  1. Not the kind of thing to experiment with, you're either all in on the concept or else just walk away now, don't look back, no regrets. But I'm in, and this is marvelous, often not for the music, but all these women, only a few of which you're likely to recognize now, they made records for Columbia. How did all that happen? God only knows, the imagination reels with possibilities, all kinds of possibilities. It's like the crate-diggers and their Funky 45s on on the other side of the tracks, the tracks that lead to making a 45 or two for Columbia. You do that math. Some of the records are ok, actually, and this one is really, uh...groovy! Produced by Teo Macero, arranged by Dick Hyman, song by Floyd Huddleston and "D. Williams", did they have ANY idea what a pot record this was? and then you get John Simon & Bonnie Herman! etc etc etc. These maths, should you choose to engage them, are just nuts. People got to this point and then did this, and then what happened? Too late to ask that, the records live!