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  1. Hey all, another recent Night Lights show now up for online listening: Jazz Women of the 1980s Other entries in this series: Jazz Women of the 1960s Jazz Women of the 1940s Jazz Women Of The 1990s
  2. A new Night Lights show up for online listening: Jazz Women of the 1990s
  3. I've put together a list of biographies, historical overviews, and interview/essay collections for the Night Lights site (there's also a list at the bottom of some Night Lights shows that focus on women in jazz). Suggestions for additions welcome: Women In Jazz: A Bibliography
  4. Interesting look back at 2017--also glad to see Sasha Berliner's blog post get mentioned: For Women In Jazz, A Year Of Reckoning And Recognition"
  5. A recent Night Lights show, up for online listening:
  6. Hey fellow O posters, here's the weekly program update for Night Lights: In the 1960s, as the civil-rights movement and other cultural changes gained momentum, a generation of women artists made their way through a jazz world that had long been less than hospitable to their aims. Singers such as Nina Simone and Jeanne Lee, composer Carla Bley, organist Shirley Scott, harpist Dorothy Ashby and fellow harpist and pianist Alice Coltrane, and trumpeter Barbara Donald all left behind some notable recordings from this time of change. It's Jazz Women of the 1960s this week on Night Lights, now archived for online listening.