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On 8/29/2006 at 10:19 AM, Larry Kart said:

Not to put fine a point on it, and also not to say that Tatro's "Jazz for Moderns" doesn't stand up on purely musical terms...

Or as the Tao Te Ching teaches us, "The farther ya travel, the less Yanow."

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So LaLaLand's two-disc set of music from "The Invaders" includes 4 scores by Dominic Frontiere, the composer most associated with the show, and who also famously scored season 1 of "The Outer Limits."

But "The Invaders" collection includes SIX scores by Duane Tatro:

  • The Saucer
  • Valley of the Shadow
  • The Spores
  • The Prophet
  • The Captive
  • Counter-Attack

I plan to listen to "Jazz for Moderns" on repeat for a while, and then compare to these six scores.  

4 hours ago, Larry Kart said:

 BTW, on Art Pepper's album "Smack Up" he plays (quite beautifully) Tatro's "Maybe Next Year" from "Jazz For Moderns."

Thanks, I have that on LP but have not spun it in a while.  I will revisit.

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I received Jazz for Moderns, thanks to a member here who sold it to me at a very reasonable price.

I have now listened to it, I believe, 5 times.

I have been doing other things while listening, so I have not given it my undivided, but I think I have formed a general impression of it.  

I very much like the album, although individual tracks and melodies thus far have not really distinguished themselves.  Everything feels like it is more or less of the whole, which for me is an extremely positive thing, as I tend to love albums that create their own consistent universe.  

The phrase I would use to generally describe this album is "Bullwinkle Moderne," and I use this phrase in more than one sense.  

First, some of the harmonies and extremes in pitch remind me of The Great Frank Comstock's Bullwinkle bumpers.

Second, the music sometimes feels like the aural equivalent of minimalist moderne Bullwinkle backdrops, in particular some of the backgrounds used in "Fractured Fairy Tales."

So, I am very happy with this purchase, and it lives up to its title and album cover.  As we all know, the music would not be anywhere near this good if the title and cover art were boring.  Album cover art is, after all, the reason we love music to begin with.

I will soon post my reviews of Tatro's aforementioned scores for The Invaders. 



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