The Five Albums That Changed the Way You Hear Music

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Why would you assume that? Everybody was bootlegging in the 60s and 70s.

Well I wasn't! And it was my very first concert, so I was innocent about the world of bootlegging. In the intervening years I've never known how to acquire a bootleg. So I never expected to hear anything from that concert.

Saw them again, sans Muir, the following March in Bristol - just as powerful. And then in London around October of that year - everything seemed a bit more hurried by that point. I think they'd started chopping bits from pieces - I recall LTIA pt 1 missing a bit which threw me.

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4. Breezin' - George Benson. This is where jazz (although I know now it really had little to do with jazz) began for me. Almost all instrumental (save for the dreadful On Broadway), a leaping, loping, toe tapping experience that led me in more directions than I can begin to count. Certainly where I can trace the roots of my obsession with instrumental music. I wore out the grooves on that one.

The vocal on Breezin' is 'This Masquerade'. You need to re-acquaint yourelf with your vinyl!

Yea, and that vocal is far from dreadful, a beautiful performance if you ask me. "On Broadway" was indeed pretty dreadful. I sold that live album as soon as I bought and heard it. :)

Guilty as charged. While Masquerade has never been one of my favorite tunes, it's fine on Breezin'.

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Mahavishnu, "The Inner Mounting Flame'- changed how I listen to music forever and started me on jazz

Allman Brothers, "Live at Fillmore East'- expanded what I thought possible for live music

Miles, 'Agharta'- blew me away then and still does today

Cecil Taylor, 'One Too Salty Swift and Not Goodbye'- it took years, but when I finally clicked with Taylor's music this pushed me over the edge(in a good way)


"Colosseum - live" was my "Allman Brothers"

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