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One of my many sins in life is a fanatical, intense, and crazy devotion to the Mighty, Great, Fantastic, Led Zeppelin!! Heck Yeah!! O.K., you say, enough the bs, and what does that have to do with anything? Well, I just want to share with B-3er something that happened on a Led Zeppelin Message Board this week. It went down, and after trying to find out what went wrong, the webmaster received this reply and posted it this morning:


What happened to the message forum?

Sometime in the afternoon of Monday, October 13, 2003, the whole site went down. I had no access to anything. I figured that there was some network problems, but by Tuesday afternoon, I decided to send in a trouble ticket. No response by noon on Wednesday, October 15th. So, I sent in a second trouble ticket. I got this in response.



Your account has been suspended by our network operations due to MySQL resource abuse by your applications. Your scripts are not closing MySQL connections, causing the server to flood and the MySQL service to halt. In order to maintain this usage level, you will need to upgrade to either a VPS hosting package or a dedicated server.

If there is anything else we may assist you with, please feel free to reply.

Thank you for choosing SiteTurn Networks!

SiteTurn Networks

Customer Support


For the sake of the entire site, I asked Siteturn to turn off the MySQL and the website was restored within minutes.

This gives me three options. Either.....

A. Get rid of the message forum and stay at the current hoster

B. Pay the MINIMUM $80 a month for a VPS Hosting Package or Dedicated Server, either through donations or paid for by advertisements on the site

C. Move to another web hosting company

I'm leaning towards C. with B. as a backup. I dont want to have to ask for donations and I surely do not want to put advertisements on the website.

I'm willing to take suggestions for new web hosters. Send recommendations to jstraw at led dash zeppelin dot org. Keep in mind that I need a minimum of 500MB of webspace, at least 30GB of monthly transfer, POP3 email & MySQL.


OCt. 17, 2003


Thought this experience on another board might help you guys on your recents trouble about people getting on the site.

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Funny, I was just talking to Ken about this problem tonight and one of the solutions he proposed was putting the site on our own dedicated server for about $80 a month.

Not a bad price, really, considering we'd be getting our own personal server and bandwidth up the booty. But we're not quite big enough to pay for that with advertisers at this point.

We're currently tracking down the problem since it doesn't quite make since. MySQL, as far as Ken explained to me, allows up to 100 database connections at once.

The most people we've ever had online at one time was 60 way back in July. Even if all those 60 people log on again and access the board, the database should only be accessed by each person for a few seconds at a time. You pull up a thread and then you read it. While you're reading it, the connection to the database should be released. Then if you reply, you write it up and hit send and then connect to the database again for a split second and are released again.

So... it doesn't make sense. If anyone gets the error, or if the board is slow, please post it here as soon as it happens.

Thank you.

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