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Teaching Jazz

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Ive done it a few times already, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I teach US History at a magnet school for arts (musicians, writers, visual arts, dance) and Im getting to about the jazz age again. Preferably we'd spend a month straight on the importance of jazz, but I suppose I should cover WWII and Vietnam eventually too.

I usually show videos of Louis and Duke, and listen to a bit of pre-jazz pop music fluff. I focus on swing, improvisation, and, most importantly, African-Americans use of art to hold on to their humanity during the Jim Crow era. Especially easy to do with the celebratory nature of Louis' music.

Anything else that you might think is a good idea? Any other teachers who have done this?

P.S. Darko still has a shot with the Wolves. Gonna be his year, I swear.

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