Archie Shepp

By EKE BBB in Artists,
My Shepp is short. I DO need some more Shepp. Could have searched on AMG but I prefer to know your recommendations and comments. No general thread on Shepp found at organissimo. This is what I have from this guy up until now: As a leader: Four for Trane (Impulse, 1964) On this night (Impulse, 1965) Mama too tight (Impulse, 1966) The way ahead (Impulse, 1968-69) Yasmina, a black woman (Charly-Le jazz, 1969) Attica blues (Impulse, 1972) As a sideman: The world of Cecil Taylor (Candid, 1960) Ascension - John Coltrane (Impulse, 1965) Love his playing. I would place it (I´d like to know your impressions on this matter, I´m sure you´ll put me in my place if this is nonsense ) between Coltrane and Ayler´s. Sometimes Archie´s near mid-to-late Trane (his phrasing, even his tone) and sometimes I find him near Albert Ayler´s "screaming", short phrases, almost inarticulate crying.... What do you think? Thanks in advance
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