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Hi to all SK2 users.

Yesterday Hammond Suzuki Japan published Release 8.

The main improvement is the. MIX mode of the scanner vibrato.

The rest is nothing important and more controlling things.

The leslie simulation is not improved compared to the XK1-c, because

of the lack of DSP, which is used in the SK for extra voices. But this is ok,

because the Vent does that job or a real leslie.

So I like the SK2. It is a great instrument.

I also have the HX3 expander. It is the best module in the market.

It makes the best sound of B3s from the fifties.

SK2 and HX3 is the best combination I know.

The HX3 expander is more known in central Europe.

I hope, that other musicians from other countries will be convinced

from this unit for less than 600 Euros.

Kind regards


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OS8 is worth it for the chorus/vibrato MIX parameter alone. This has allowed me to faithfully recreate the sound of the chorus/vibrato on my 1954 Hammond C2.

The HX3 sounds interesting but I don't have the money to spend on new toys at this time. Plus I am extremely satisfied with the SK2.

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Dear SK2 users,

I recently got Hammond XPK200 bass pedals to go with my SK2, so that i can go out without a bassist! My question is this - Is the bass pedal sound supposed to be affected by the Leslie? I think it's quite strange that the bass would be ? I'm using the internal Leslie of the SK2 at the moment, but hope to upgrade at some point to an external one.

Is there a setting that i need to adjust to stop this?




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