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I just heard some great musical silence by the master Bill Evans himself, on the 1974 Live in Holland album his trio did with Stan Getz.

They had a three hour rehearsal the day before the concert, and agreed on what tunes they were going to play.

Then, the day of the concert, Getz acts like a total dick, and plays one of his own tunes (Stan's Blues) that they hadn't rehearsed.

You can hear BE comp changes for the head, then he just refuses to play after that.

While Getz plays his solo, BE starts shaking his head at Eddie Gomez, telling him not to take a solo, even though Getz wanted him to play a bass solo.

When Getz finishes his solo, he expects EG to play a bass solo, but the entire trio stops playing, and Getz is forced to play a stop chorus by himself.

Getz manages to pull it off, and then they take the tune out, but BE never played another note after the first chorus.

Don't mess with BE!! :bwallace:

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Ant that cover...somebody had to pay for that, or will be made to pay. I mean, if the Kind Of Bloop guy got busted...

Well, like I said at that thread then. pictures are copyrighted as well, so I'd expect that yes. That cover of "sound of silence" is well known, and the owner of the work deserves to be compensated for the use of it. Btw an artist has copyright as soon as a work is created. You do not need to declare or register your work anywhere but it helps when you do so since you can prove a work is yours or was already yours at a certain time. When you'd ask permission first, an artist might be honoured and might give his/her permission without asking for money, f.e. when it is for use of something non-commercial.

Back in the old days artists would mail their copyrighted material to themselves so that they'd have them in a time stamped, unopened envelope.

Not sure if many still do that, but I found that fact to be pretty fascinating when I first learned of it many moons ago.

That is still one way to do it and probably the cheapest one. It is different in different countries. In the U.S. there is the Library of Congress which has the U.S. Copyright Office. We don't have anything like that here. In the U.S. there's also B.M.I. and ASCAP of course. I used to register my work at a tax office which had a department for it. That is closed down now unfortunately, due to cutbacks by the government. Apart from the mailing, there is a depot you can join or you can go to a sollicitor. I think those are all of options in my country at the moment.

There is a organization that looks out after the interests of artists here, but I hear they don't do that much and most you'll still have to take care of yourself.

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John Cage's 4'33 by William Marx...


All music is sound. All sound is music :)

I've been practicing this for months, and here comes this guy, and makes it look soooooooo easy. Thanks, thanks a lot.


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