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11. The pianist has a very personal voice and conception. The pianist has absorbed 1970s Keith Jarrett, but developed his or her distinctive style. I like this one a lot.

Definitely a personality and a distinctive one, not giving anything away at this stage by saying its a woman. Great performance

Is the pianist on #11 Lynne Arriale?

Thought I responded...

Good guess but no, not long to wait for the reveal...

The Horace lyric for "Song for My Father" is on the "It's Got to Be Funky" album from the '90s on Columbia. Andy Bey forges ahead bravely with the bad lyric -- but he could have done so well with this lyric.

Never picked that one up and like Andy Bey so something else to look for... Linking up with track 11 he does a great version of Nick Drake's River Man which came up on shuffle on my ipod this morning!

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