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Been checking out Eddie Costa via youtube prompted by the posts here. Wow. Great stuff.

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I don' know if it's a must have but i am glad to have it. actually i have this with additional background which never really bothered me anyway this morning i am diggin the music so much that i listen to both my lp and the trio only version on the tube.



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Gotta say, I love piano trios... OK, AND organ trios!

But piano trios... there were some lovely trio records made in that period (but also LOTS in the sixties). Yes to:

Hampton Hawes - ANY trio, right the way through

Phineas Newborn - Ditto though I like his later stuff with Ray Brown and Elvin Jones best

Red Garland - exploring Red more and more lately and liking so much of it

Les McCann - just started at the end of the fifties and truly my all time favourite, but I know lots of people can't be arsed over him; but I think there's one early 45 of his that I haven't got

Junior Mance - only got one gig on record as a trio leader in the fifties, but another all time favourite

Duke Bleeding Ellington!!!!!! 'Piano in in the goddamn foreground'!!!! Worth all of everything everyone else has done. And 'Summertime' is one of the filthiest records ever made.

Ahmad Jamal's trio work for Cadet/Argo is lovely - but particularly that monster hit he had with 'But not for me' done live, with the 8 minute groove of 'Poinciana' which put the album on the charts for over two years!

Ray Bryant - but his material with Buddy Tate and Sweets on board is better than the  early trios - later, in the late sixties and seventies, eighties, the trio work was best

Sonny Clark - yes indeed!

Near miss - Bobby Timmons would be in there if he'd made any trio records before Jan 60 :D


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There are many 50's piano trios that I like very much.

Elmo Hope - Meditations - Prestige

Barry Harris - Breakin' It Up - Argo

Tommy Flanagan - Overseas - Prestige

George Wallington - Workshop - Verve

Sonny Clark - Time

Ray Bryant Trio - Prestige

Horace Silver Trio - Blue Note

John Lewis - Improvised Meditations & Excursions - Atlantic

Roy Haynes Trio (Phineas Newborn,Jr.)  - We Three - New Jazz

Hank Jones Trio _ Savoy

Duke Jordan Trio - Signal

Hampton Hawes - The trio - Contemporary

Kenny Drew - Modernity - Verve

Kenny Drew Trio - Riverside

Claude Williamson - Kenton Presents - Capitol

John Williams Trio - EmArcy

Roy Haynes Trio (Richard Wyands) - Just Us - new Jazz

Pete Jolly - When Lights Are Low - RCA

Bud Powell - May 1,1951 & Aug.14, 1954 - Blue note

Thelonious Monk - Unique - Riverside

Bill Evans - Everybody Digs . . - Riverside

Jimmy Rowles - Rare But Well Done _ Liberty

Dave McKenna - The Piano Scene of . . - Epic

Carl Perkins - Introducing - Dootone





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Haynes' Just Us was recorded in 1960.

Although I guess we could go by the estimation that the decade lasted from Jan. 1, 1951 until Dec. 31, 1960...

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