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    Release Date July 22, 2015 | 1000 Yen    
CDSOL-6901    Tommy Flanagan    Flanagan's Shenanigans [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6902    Charlie Parker    In Sweden 1950 [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6903    Duke Jordan    One For The Library [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6904    Sahib Shihab    Sentiments [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6905    Zoot Sims    Zoot Sims In Copenhagen [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6906    Hank Jones    Hank Jones Trio With Mads Vinding & Al Foster [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6907    Sir Roland Hanna    Swing Me No Waltzes [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6908    Martial Solal    Contrasts [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6909    Buddy Tate    Tate A Tete [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6910    Jay McShann    After Hours [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6911    Rolf Billberg    Rare Danish Recordings [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6912    Hugh Lawson    Prime Time [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6913    Horace Parlan    Voyage Of Rediscovery [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6914    Warne Marsh Quintet    Jazz Exchange Vol.1 [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6915    Warne Marsh Lee Konitz Quintet    Jazz Exchange Vol.2 [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6916    Charlie Rouse    Moment's Notice [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6917    Johnny Griffin & Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis    Tough Tenors Back Again! [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6918    Johnny Griffin    Catharsis! [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6919    J.R.Monterose    T.t.t [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6920    Kenny Drew    Solo-duo [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6921    Teddy Wilson    The Noble Art Of Teddy Wilson [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6922    Dexter Gordon    Jazz At Highschool [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6923    Clark Terry    Featuring Paul Gonsalves [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6924    Ben Webster - Buck Clayton    Ben/buck [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6925    David Liebman - Richard Beirach    Double Edge [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6926    Quest    Quest 2 [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6927    Earl Hines    Live! [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6928    Frank Rosolino    Frank Talks! [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6929    Harry "Sweets" Edison - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Richard Boone    Harry'sweets'edison Eddie 'lockjaw' Davis.richard Boone [Low-priced Edition]
CDSOL-6930    Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Harry "Sweets" Edison    Eddie "lockjaw" Davis - Harry "sweets" Edison [Low-priced Edition]
    Release Date November 11, 2015 | 1000 Yen    
CDSOL-6931    Kenny Drew Trio     At The Brewhouse [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6932    Thelonious Monk     Monk In Copenhagen [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6933    Red Mitchell - Kenny Barron     The Red Barron Duo [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6934    James Spaulding     Plays The Legacy Of Duke Ellington [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6935    Zoot Sims     Recorded Live At E.J's [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6936    Jim Hall     Jazzpar Quartet +4 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6937    Tubby Hayes     Quartet In Scandinavia [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6938    Buddy Tate All Stars     Jive At Five [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6939    Stephane Grappelli    Live In San Francisco [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6940    Howard McGhee - Teddy Edwards    Young At Heart [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6941    Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five    Vol.1 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6942    Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five    Vol.2 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6943    Roy Eldridge & Vic Dickenson    With Eddie Locke And His Friends [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6944    Johnny Griffin - Art Taylor    In Copenhagen [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6945    Warne Marsh-Lee Konitz Quintet    Live At Montmartre Vol.3 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6946    Benny Bailey    Grand Slam [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6947    Teddy Wilson Trio    Revisits The Goodman Years [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6948    Turk Mauro    The Underdog [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6949    Warne Marsh Quartet    The Unissued 1975 Copenhagen Studio Recordings [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6950    Illinois Jacquet Quartet    Live At Schaffhausen. Switzerland March 18. 1978 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6951    Al Grey - Jimmy Forrest    Night Train Revisited [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6952    Michal Urbaniak Quartet    Friday Night At The Village Vanguard [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6953    Ben Webster    Plays Duke Ellington [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6954    Mingus Dynasty    Live At The Village Vanguard [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6955    Maxine Sullivan    Highlights In Jazz [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6956    Dexter Gordon    Atlanta Georgia May 5. 1981 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6957    Ernie Wilkins & The Almost Big Band    Ernie Wilkins & The Almost Big Band [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6958    Richard Wyands    Then. Here And Now [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6959    Jesper Thilo Quintet    Featuring Hank Jones [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6960    Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis - Harry 'Sweets' Edison    Opus Funk Vol.2 [Limited Release]
    Release Date March 23, 2016 | 1000 Yen    
CDSOL-6961    Zoot Sims     Elegiac [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6962    Lee Konitz     Leewise [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6963    Mary Lou Williams Trio     At Rick's Cafe Americain [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6964    Don Byas     Feat. Sir Charles Thompson [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6965    Warne Marsh     I God A Good One For You [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6966    Howard McGhee - Teddy Edwards     Wise In Time [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6967    Al Grey & Jesper Thilo Quintet     Al Grey & Jesper Thilo Quintet [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6968    Ralph Sutton    Trio And Quartet
CDSOL-6969    Niels Lan Doky    Truth・live At Montmartre
CDSOL-6970    Howard McGhee - Benny Bailey     Home Run [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6971    Howard McGhee     Jazzbrothers [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6972    Lyle Atkinson     Bass Contra Bass [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6973    Kai Winding Septet     Cleveland June 1957 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6974    Warne Marsh / Red Mitchell     Big Two・hot House
CDSOL-6975    Dexter Gordon & Ben Webster     Tenor Titans [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6976    Stuff Smith     Live At The Monmartre [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6977    Bob Brookmeyer Quartet     Old Friends [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6978    John Stubblefield     Prelude [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6979    Buck Clayton All Stars     1961 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6980    Klaus Suonsaari     Reflection Times [Limited Release]


  February 15, 2017 | 1000 Yen  
CDSOL-6981 Bud Powell  In Copenhagen [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6982 The Teddy Wilson Trio  The Teddy Wilson Trio [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6983 Teddy Wilson  Alone [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6984 Buddy DeFranco  Gone With The Wind [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6985 Stephane Grappelli  Live at Corby Festival Hall May 1975 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6986 Kenny Davern - Bob Wilber  Soprano Summit [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6987 Ben Webster  Live at Ronnie Scott's 1964 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6988 Ben Webster  Live At Stampen Stockholm 1969-73 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6989 Thomas Clausen Trio  Psalm [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6990 Thomas Clausen - Severi Pyysalo  Turn Out The Stars [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6991 Niels Lan Doky  Daybreak [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6992 Vic Dickenson  Gentleman Of The Trombone [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6993 Buck Clayton  The Doctor Jazz Series Vol 3 [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6994 Eddie Lockjaw Davis Quartet  Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Quartet [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6995 Ralph Sutton with Ruby Braff  Ralph Sutton With Ruby Braff [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6996 Ralph Sutton Quartet feat. Bob Wilber  Live At Sunnie's Rendevouz [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6997 Roy Haynes  My Shining Hour [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6998 Geri Allen  Some Aspects Of Water [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6999 Clark Terry  Live At Montmartre [Limited Release]
CDSOL-6900 Stuff Smith with The Henri Chaix Trio  Late Woman Blues [Limited Release]
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