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The Great African-American Classical Art-Form 

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Brother Dr. Yusef Lateef

There is a lot of conversation these days about experimental music. But despite mentioning the more obvious names, such as John Coltrane or Sun Ra, there is a basic lack of understanding that of so-called jazz from Armstrong to Osby is seat-of-the-pants experimental music, a white-knuckle ride of expressionism for musician and audience alike.

Since the late 20s New York has been the town where a so-called  jazz musician must go to make it. It is the premier urban landscape in the world, dominated by its skyscrapers and its legends. 
Even without its music, it has an aura. It is a city on the cutting edge, be it Duke Ellington at  The Cotton Club, Sonny Rollins blowing on The Williamsburg Bridge or Ornette Coleman in 1959 @ The Five Spot. 

It is the town where the likes of Parker and Gillespie worked through the changes that would create the Be-bop idiom, that revolutionized modern music  at the legendary Minton's Playhouse. It was in New York, that Billie Holiday debuted Strange Fruit at the nation's first multi-racial venue, Cafe Society.  

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One of the great reed players for certain.  It seems there wasn't anything he wasn't interested in exploring.  I've been a fan for a while.  I saw him only once, at Grace Cahedral in San Francisco with Steve Swallow.  I liked his work woth Cannonball and Grant Green as well.

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