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Clearing out a bit more and paring down again, so here goes the latest list. I'm sure there will be another pretty soon. A few of these remain sealed, others have some cover wear (dang digipaks) but all are cheap so please help me get them out of here. Many are in fact excellent albums that I wish I had room for, but decisions must be made. Surely there'll be another one of these soon.

Unless noted, single CDs are $5 US and double discs or whatever else are as marked. I don't use jewel cases but a few of these still have 'em.

Paypal Only and No Long Holds Please (no more than 48 hours). $3 shipping for 1-5 discs in the US, Canada/Mex/overseas/interplanetary at cost.

PM with your wants, first come first served.


Lotte Anker/Rodrigo Pinherio/Hernani Faustino - Birthmark - (Clean Feed)

Arrive - There Was - (Clean Feed) Shelton/Roebke/Adasiewicz/Daisy

Aych - As the Crow Flies - (Relative Pitch) Halvorson/Bynum/Hobbs / wear to sleeve

Bathysphere - Bathysphere - (Driff) big band creative from Boston

Ballrogg - Insomnia - (Bolage) excellent reeds/bass duo, Scandinavian folksiness

Ballrogg - s/t - (Bolage)

Baloni - Fremdenzimmer - (Clean Feed) reeds/vla/b chamber improv

Carlos Barretto Lokomotiv - Laborintos - (Clean Feed)

Taylor Ho Bynum/Joe Morris/Sara Schoenbeck - Next - (Porter)

John Coltrane - Live in 1962 - (Unique Jazz) Mount Meru recordings I believe?

Days - s/t - (Spectator/Shadoks) solid early 70s Danish prog-psych

Arnold Dreyblatt - Nodal Excitation - (Dexter’s Cigar) great rockish minimal string music

Drye & Drye - Open Letter - (NCM East) sextet modern sounds w/ tb Brian Drye, Vinnie Sperrazza 2CD

Peter Evans - More is More - (Psi) first solo disc, long oop

Onno Govaert/Marcelo dos Reis/Luis Vicente/Kristjan Martinsson - In Layers - (FMR)

Irene Kepl - Sololos - (Fou) unacc. violin wrangling

Mike Khoury/Piotr Michalowski - Reason Sound/Sound Reason - (Abzu) vln/reed duos

KonstruKt + Peter Brotzmann - Dolunay - (ReKonstruKt)

Yoni Kretzmer/Pascal Niggenkemper/Weasel Walter - untitled - (OutNow)

Matta Gawa - bA - (Engine) guitar/percussion duos, sounds a bit like Daily Dance in spots, heavy

Magda Mayas/Damon Smith/Tony Buck - Spill Plus - (nuscope) wear to sleeve

Joe Morris - Camera - (ESP) string ensemble

Joe Morris/Barre Phillips - Elm City Duets - (Clean Feed)

Pascal Niggenkemper - Le 7eme Continent: Talking Trash - (Clean Feed) good ensemble work, amplification and preparation abound

Pascal Niggenkemper - Look with Thine Ears - (Clean Feed) solo bass wizardry, wear to thin card sleeve

Kenneth Patchen - Reads with Jazz in Canada - (Locust)

Joao Paulo/Paulo Curado/Bruno Pedroso - As Sete Ilhas de Lisboa - (Clean Feed) cool chamber improv, squirrelly / cover wear

Holger Scheidt - The Tides of Life - (Enja) nice German/NY straight ahead jazz 5tet

Peter A. Schmid - Chicago Conversations - (Creative Works) clarinet + other stuff duos w/Zerang, Keefe, etc.

Norbert Scholly/Frank Schulte/Thomas Heberer - SSH - (Konnex) tp/electronics trio

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks/Beirut Slump - Shut Up & Bleed - (Atavistic)

Nate Wooley - Seven Storey Mountain III + IV - (Pleasure of the Text) 2CD, cover dinged

Edited by clifford_thornton

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PM sent on Harry Beckett.

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PMs replied to -- still much good stuff here so I urge y'all to take punts. 

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Posted (edited)

PM sent on

Amon Duul - Paradieswarts Duul - (Ohr/Spalax)

Sonny Simmons/Moksha Samnayasin - Nomadic - (Svart)

Hal Singer - Blues and News - (Futura) exc. modal jammer w/ Art Taylor & Siegfried Kessler

Cecil Taylor - The Eighth - (hatOLOGY)

Rene Thomas Quintet - Guitar Groove - (Jazzland/OJC)

Edited by felser

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All sorted, and everything will go out this weekend.

Many good albums remain, and when I say "digipak wear" few of these are actually horribly scarred, just a little dinged/grimy.

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Everything has been mailed out as of today (had to get a bigger mailer for one package).

I am all for doing a "5 for $20 shipped" deal on selections from the remaining list.

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PM sent on 

Tina Brooks - Minor Move - (Blue Note, Conn)

Elmo Hope - Trio & Quintet - (Blue Note 2005 issue)

Jason Kao Hwang/Edge - Stories Before Within - (Innova) nice: Bynum, Filiano, Drury

Joe Morris Quartet - Today on Earth - (Aum Fidelity)

Dave Rempis/Josh Abrams/Avreeayl Ra - Aphelion - (Aerophonic)

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