Albert Dailey's 1977 album "Renaissance" w/ Carter Jefferson

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Just discovered this via YouTube in the last 48 hours.  What a date!  Not really what I was expecting.  Love the wordless female vocals -- well "love" is a little strong -- but I like where their inclusion takes the date to a whole 'nother sort of place (at times).  Wish this was on CD (discogs doesn't seem to think it's ever been reissued).  And Carter Jefferson really goes for broke.  I mean, I knew he could play (from all those dates I have him on with Woody Shaw, primarily, and on a few other things).  I think(?) the whole thing is up on YouTube, but not in a playlist (nor from the same user/uploader either).  I'll try and post the whole thing here in this thread.  Meanwhile, a couple discographical sources... and... Date: November 1 & 2, 1977
Location: New York City
Label: Catalyst Albert Dailey (ldr), Carter Jefferson (ss, ts), Albert Dailey (p), Cecil McBee (b), Adam Nussbaum, Charli Persip (d), Cheryl Alexander (vocals) a.     Black Raspberry  (Albert Dailey) b.     The Dues We Have To Pay  (Albert Dailey) c.     I Love You  (Cole Porter) d.     Mimosa  (Dennis Irwin) e.     Mr. Pogo  (Albert Dailey) f.     Gee Monetti  (Albert Dailey) g.     Autumn Rain  (Albert Dailey) All titles on:      Catalyst LP 12": CAT 7627 — Renaissance    Adam Nussbaum (d) on b, e; Charli Persip (d) on a, c-d, f-g.
    And here's the first couple tracks...    
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