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Fabio Baglioni

CHARLES MINGUS,, L.P.s Vinyles for .,Sale., .,

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CHARLES MINGUS,, Lists L.P.s Vinyles , for Sale , in Vendita .,.-
Please, back to me if ''you'' see Records L.P'.s, of ,,CHARLES MINGUS,, of your
interest to get/receive.Thanks ,Ciao fabio ,,E-Mail..:

1-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb.,  rares registractions ''Live'' by Musica Jazz.,mjp1016.,-
2-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,fables of faubus ,,I Maestri del Jazz,,DeAgostini.,-
3-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,pithecantropus erectus,,I Maestri del Jazz,,DeAgostini.,-
4-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,the great concert of C.M..3,LP?s America,AM003-5.,.-
5-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,music written for Monterey,1965.,2,LP's ..
*)palyed in its entrely, at J.W.S.,0013,+,0014..,-
6-Paul Chambers.+.John Coltrane.,''High Steps'' 2,LP.,Blue-Note reissue-series..,-
7-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,live in chateauuVallon jazz,1972.,FC,134..,-
8-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,Mingus  Revisited,, LimeLight,monoaural,82015.,-
9-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb. ,,Live in Stuttgart concert,1964,,UniqueJazz007+8.,.-
10-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb.,,Live Amsterdam ,10*April,1964.,2LP-DIW,1188..,-
11-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb,,Line Antibes+Bud Powell+Eric Dolphy.,Atlantic60146.,-
12-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb,,Mingus in Europe1964,Live vol,1* Enja,3049..,-
13-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb ,,Mingus in Europe1964,Live vol,2* Enja,3077..,-
14-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb ,,Mingus Sextet,Live Europe,,UniqueJazz,23..,- 
15-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb ,,Hooray for..,Session-Disc,,.white-cover box..
16-CHARLES  MINGUS.,cb,+,CECIL TAYLOR,p,,Live at Birdland,26*Octob,1962..,
Live Half Note.,18January1966.,by Ozone-Record..,-
- , -


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