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Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

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39 minutes ago, Big Beat Steve said:

Good points, but the Discogs listing of the "Historical" series is a HUGE mess. They haphazardly mix the US Prestige and German Bellaphon releases (and other pressings of the same LP) instead of listing them as different pressings of one and the same release/reissue, as they (correctly) do with other LPs. .This would have given a much better overview as each release would have appeared only once in the listing linked above. BTW, the listing is still incomplete. "Trumpet Jive" feat. Rex Stewart and Wingy Manone (PR7812/BJS40159) is missing, for example.

I'm with you here - I linked this listing only to give some examples for others who are not so familiar with the label's history. The problem with discogs is that they have no personnel supervising the listings, it is the decision of each member posting a release to classify it as a new version of an existing release or an independent issue - if they are not discographically inclined and check other entries such duplicate/triplicate etc. listings are bound to happen. 

That said, the issue/reissue policy of Prestige was just another mess, in some respects. It seems that every generation of reissue compilers did not give a damn what had been done before them and never did any serious research. After the publication of Ruppli/Porter's label discography it was easy, although even that is not without mistakes and omissions, but I doubt that the label executives had a copy at hand. 

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