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Peter Friedman

Sonny Stitt - The Champ

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1 hour ago, Mark Stryker said:

I'll go further: In a one-artist, one-solo challenge, I'd take "Ray's Idea" from "Constellation." Two chorus, and 16 bars after the piano. The best of everything he had is all there is distilled form.






Yeah, that one's so nice becuase there's so few licks in it. Still usually played his licks more or less the same way that he played his more inspired ideas, so it's easy to not hear the difference unless you're really paying attention, that's why he's so easy to listen to and enjoy on a casual level (and that's not a dis either, he was a master master craftsman who, unlike, say, Sonny Rollins, didn't need to be inspired in order to "sound good"). But when he got clear of the licks, as he does here, hey, HOORAY FOR SONNY STITT!!!!

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