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Payment in amazon gift certificates, please.

Shipping at cost (I will ship without jewel cases, if you prefer). To give you an idea: It costs around $8 to mail 4 discs without jewel cases.

My discs are generally in very good condition (no scratches and clean artwork). Once you tell me which one(s) you are interested in I'll double check and inform you of blemishes not mentioned below, if any. For those with scratches/nicks/scuffs, I will refund you in full (and let you keep the disc) if you encounter playback problems.
I have sold quite a few discs in recently (during another trip to Japan) and have not fully updated the back list to reflect this. But I can check and get back to you in one day.

(Minimum purchase of 3 items, please)

*** new, added on 9 January ***

Anita O'Day - Four Classic Albums (Avid) AMSC963 two discs, $6

David S. Ware Quartet - Renunciation (AUM Fidelity) digipak $9

Harold Land - Take Aim (Mighty Quinn) 2005 reissue, with 1 bonus track $9

Grant Stewart - Recado Bossa Nova (Birds) Japanese release, w/obi $12

Sacha Perry - The Third Time Around (Smalls) $6

Marcus Roberts - The Joy of Joplin (Sony/SRCS8832) Japanese edition w/obi $7

Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls - vs. the forces of evil (Naim) $6

Marion Brown - Geechee Recollections/Sweet Earth Flying (Impulse!) 2011 remastered reissue $6

Brian Lynch and Spheres of Influence - Conclave, volume 2 (Criss Cross) $9

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - We Got Robbed! Live in New Orleans (Ryko) $6

Antonio Sanchez - New Life (Cam Jazz) $7

*** added on 4 January ***

Duke Ellington - The Popular Duke Ellington (BMG France) 1996 issue, one scratch outside of playing area $4

Grant Green - Mellow Madness (The Original Jam Master, volume three) (Blue Note) "copy controlled" $6

Pharoah Sanders Quartet - The Creater Has a Master Plan (Venus Jazz/TKCV-35321) w/obi $11

Barney Wilen Quartet - La ca: New York Romance (Venus Jazz/TKCV-79073) w/ovbi $11

Raphael Imbert Project - Heavens. Amadeus & the Duke (Jazz Village) gatefold, lots of scratches/scuffs, no playback problems $3

Idrees Sulieman - The Camel (Jazzhus/JD-7635) mini-lp, w/"obi" $20

Ted Brown + Gene DiNovi - Live in Yokohama (Marshmallow/MMEX-145-CD) gatefold w/obi, 384 of 999 copies $20

The Miles Black Trio with Grant Stewart - Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club (Cellar Live) gatefold, a few nicks $6

Frank Rosolino - The Last Recording (Sea Breeze) punch through barcode, lots of minor scratches, no playback problems $10

George Adams - Nightingale (Somethin' Else/CJ32-5504) w/obi, a few nicks/marks, no playback problems $9

Diego Urcola Quartet - Appreciation (Cam Jazz) w/L.Perdomo, E.McPherson, H.Glawischnig $6

Victor Lew/JD Allen/Fabio Morgera - Red Stars (Red) $6

George Garzone & Trio da Paz (w/Kenny Werner) - Night of My Beloved (Venus) w/obi $9

Charlie Mariano - A Jazz Portrait of Charlie Mariano (Regina/Venus/TKCZ-36003) 1996 issue, w/obi, yellowing on front tray, a few minor scratches, $15

*** added on 14 December ***

David S. Ware String Ensemble - Threads (Thirsty Ear) $5

Sun Ra Arkestra - Sunrise in Different Dimensions (hatOLOGY) a few light scratches $7

Ray Anderson, Han Bennink, Christy Doran - A B D (hatOLOGY) a few light scratches $7

Stan Turrentine - Stan "The Man" Turrentine (Time/TECW-20633) mini-lp w/obi $11

Wynton Kelly Trio - Smokin' at the Half Note (Verve/Analogue Productions) hybrid sacd $15

Eliane Radigue - Trilogie de la Mort (Experimental Intermedia) 3-discs $15

Paul Chambers & Tommy Flanagan - Motor City Scene (Phoenix) $7

Romano/Sclavis/Texier - E+E (Label Bleu) w/Enrico Rava, Nguyen Le, Bojan Z, digipak $8

Michael Brecker - Tales from the Hudson (Impulse!) Japanese issue, w/obi, lots of scuffs/scratches, no playback problems $4

Mike Osborne Trio - All Night Long. The Willisau Concert (Ogun) some light scratches & scuffs $9

Per Henrik Wallin Trio - 9.9.99 (Stunt) scuffs & scratches, no playback problems $4

Don Byron New Gospel Quintet - Love, Peace, and Soul (Savoy Jazz) $4

*** added on 25 November ***

Chucho Valdes – New Conceptions (Blue Note) copy controlled $4

ROVA Saxophone Quartet – The Juke Box Suite (Not Two) gatefold $8

Alexandra Grimal – Seminare Vento (Freelance) digipak $6

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Porgy & Bess (Verve) digipak $4

Ben Allison – Action-Refraction (Palmetto) gatefold, some damage on packaging $4

Jon Gordon – Within Worlds (Artist Share) digipak, few minor nicks $8

Uri Caine – The Othello Syndrome (Winter & Winter) digipak, marker over barcode, $5

G.Burton/C.Corea/P.Metheny/R.Haynes/D.Holland – Like Minds (Concord) $5

Grant Stewart – Estate (VAI) w/obi $11

The Cosmosamatics (Boxholder) w/guests J.Carter, K.Borca, S.Chatterjee on 3 songs $6

John Butcher – Invisible Ear (Fringes) some wear & tear on packaging (the outside slipcase plastic only), a few nicks, number 94/600 $14

*** added on 18 November ***

Greg Osby - 9 Levels (Inner Circle) digipak, just one spoke of disc holder broken/missing, $6

Dave Stryker - Blue Strike (Steeplechase) w/B.Hart, S.Riley, F.Hendrix, J.Gold, some scuffs & light scratches, no playback problems, $6

T.Kondo/M.Pupillo/P.Brotzmann/P.Nilssen-Love – Snakelust. Hairybones (Clean Feed) a few scratches/scuffs $5

In the Country – Sunset Sunrise (ACT) M.Qvenild, R.Arntzen, P.Hauksen digipak $7

Bernard Peiffer – Improvision (Jazz in Paris) two discs, digipak $11

*** added on 9 November ***

Aki Takase/Rudi Mahall -The Dessert (Leo) $5
Marty Ehrlich - The Long View (Enja/Justin Time) punch through barcode $5
Sonny Stitt - Legends of Acid Jazz (Prestige) $4
Jeff Parker & Scott Fields - Song Songs Song (Delmark) $4
Adam Makowicz Trio - My Favorite Things (Concord) w/G.Mraz, A.Dawson $4
Harold Danko Quartet - Tidal Breeze (Steeplechase) $7
Bill Frisell - East/West (Nonesuch) two discs, no slipcase $6
Charles Mingus - A Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry (Bethlehem/Shout Factory) $4
Scott Fields Ensemble - Mamet (Delmark) $4
Chico Freeman - The Pied Piper (Blackhawk) w/E.Jones. K.Kirkland, C.McBee, J.Purcell $4

*** added on 14 September ***

Ray Anderson - Every One of Us (Gramavision) w/E.Blackwell, C.Haden, S.Nabatov $8
Geof Bradfield - African Flowers (Origin) punch through barcode $6
Will Calhoun - Life in this World (Motema)
Kent Carter String Trio - Intersections (Emanem) some scratches and nicks, plays fine $6
DuOud - Wild Serenade (Label Bleu) $5
Milt Jackson Orchestra – Big Bags (Riverside/OJC) $4
Martin Kuchen - Music From One of the Provinces in the Empire (Confront) $7
Wes Montgomery - Echoes of Indiana Avenue (Resonance) $8
Greg Osby - Black Book (Blue Note) Japanese edition, w/1 bonus track $3
Bernard Pretty Purdie – Soul Drums (Sony) 2009 reissue, punch through barcode $8
Reijseger/Franje/Sylla - Deep Down (Winter & Winter) $8
The Scotch of St. James - Live at Amplify 2004: addition (Confront) $7
Lennie Tristano - Note to Note (Jazz Records) one big scratch, a few minor scratches, plays fine $10

*** added on 5 September ***

The Louie Belogenis Trio w/Sunny Murray& Michael Bisio – Tiresias (Porter) cardboard gatefold $6

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Their Last Time Out (Columbia/Legacy) two discs $7

Miles Davis – Collector’s Items (Collectors’ Items & Blue Moods) (Concord/Prestige) 2007 Joe Tarantino remastering $5

Fred Ho & the Saxophone Liberation Front – Snake-Eaters (Mutable/Big-Red) gatefold $5

Kurt Rosenwinkel – The Next Step (Verve) $7

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Star of Jupiter (Song X/WOM) two discs, gatefold $12

Ned Rothenberg/Cahterin Jauniaux/Barre Phillips- While You Were Out (Kadima) cardboard sleeve, light scuffs and nicks $5

Alan Shorter – Tes Etat (America) 2004 Universal reissue (#0595) some light scratches & scuffage $11

*** added on 20 August ***

Fred Anderson - On the Run (Delmark) w/H.Drake & T.Aoki, some scuffage/a few scratches, $5
Luiz Bonfa & Maria Toledo - Braziliana (Verve) 2008 digipak reissue $4
Kent Carter -& Albrecht Maurer - The Juillaguet Collection (Emanem) nicks and scratches, $5
Steve Coleman and Five Elements - On the Edge of Tomorrow (JMT) $4
Eddie Davis Trio, featuring Shirley Scott - Complete Recordings (Lonehill) $6
Jakob Dinesen/Ben Street/Jakob Bro/Nasheet Waits - One Kiss Too Many (Stunt) digipak, scracthes, $6
Aaron Goldberg/Ali Jackson/Omer Avital -Yes! (Sunnyside) digipak, a few very minor scratches and nicks, $6
Charlie Haden/Quartet West - Always Say Goodbye (Emarcy/Universal) remastered 2003 digipak reissue, $6
Tubby Hayes - Three Classic Albums Plus (Avid AMSC1014) two discs $5
Mark Helias' Open Loose - Verbs of Will (Radio Legs) w/T.Malaby, T.Rainey, a few nicks and light scratches, no playback problems, cardboard gatefold $5
Milt Jackson - Four Classic Albums Plus (Avid) two discs $5
Stan Kenton - Artistry in Rhythm (Avid) two discs $5
Stan Killian - Unified (Sunnyside) digipak $6
John Lewis and the MJQ - Four Classic Albums Plus (Avid AMSC976) two discs, a few nicks $5
Tete Montoliu Trio - A Tot Jazz! (Fresh Sound) digipak, a few scratches, $7
Charlie Parker - Jazz Perennial (Verve/POCJ-2725) Japanese remastered reissue, mini-lp, no obi $9
Polar Bear - Held on the Tips of Fingers (Babel) digipak, a few nicks and minor scratches, $5
Max Roach - Award-Winning Drummer (Time/TECW-20634) Japanese remastered reissue, mini-lp, w/obi, $11
Ned Rothenberg (RUB) - Are You Be (Animul) digipak $5
Ned Rothenberg Sync - Harbinger (Animul) digipak $5
Ned Rothenberg - Intervals (Animul) two discs, gatefold $8
Jochen Rueckert - Somewhere Meeting Nobody (Pirouet) w/M.Turner, B.Shepik, M.Penman, digipak, $7
Stephen Scott - Something to Consider (Verve) $3
Ariel Shibolet - Live at the Total Music Meeting (Kadima) cardboard gatefold $5
Nikos Veliotis - Radial (Confront), digipak $5
Fats Waller - The Indispensable, volumes 1/2. Jazz Tribune no.25 (Rca/Bmg France) two discs, $7
Fats Waller/Cab Calloway - Legendary Radio Broadcasts (Storyville) two discs, $3
Ben Wolfe Quintet - Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) cardboard gatefold $5
Zanussi Five - Zanussi Five (Moserobie) digipak $7

*** added on 27 July ***

Ellery Eskelin - Quiet Music (Prime Source) two discs $9

Ze Eduardo - A Jazzar. Live in Capuchos (Clean Feed) $6

G.M. Project - Mr J.P. (Videoarts) w/K.Garrett, C.Moffett, C.McKinney, L.Hayes, Japanese release, w/obi, some scuffage $8

Nicolas Urie - My Garden (Red Piano) $5

DJ Spooky/That Subliminal Kid - Dubtometry (Thirsty Ear) $4

Al Foster Quartet - Love, Peace, and Jazz! (Jazzeyes) $6

Annette Krebs/Rhodri Davies - Kravis Rhonn Project (Another Timbre) minor scratch, nicks $5

Burkhard Stangl/Dieb13 - Eh (Erstwhile) one scratch $6

Mimeo/John Tilbury - The Hands of Caravaggio (Erstwhile) nicks $6

E.J Strickland Quintet - In This Day (Strick Muzik) digipak $6
Randy Sandke and the Inside Out Band - Outside In (Evening Star) $6

*** added on 14 July ***

Ran Blake/Christine Correa - Out of the Shadows (Red Piano) digipak $7
Eddie Daniels - Homecoming. Live at the Iridium (Ipo) two discs, digipak; some scuffage and minor scratches on one disc, some wear on digipak, $7
Herbie Mann - Four Classic Albums (Real Gone) two discs, $5
Ivo Perelman & Dominic Duval - Nowhere to Hide (Not Two) $8
Archie Shepp Quartet - Deja Vu (Venus) w/obi, $11
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone (P-Vine) no obi, $9

*** new, added on 17 June ***

The Bad Plus - Never Stop (Mercury/Universal) digipak, 2 discs, with bonus DVD, $6
Matt Bauder/Zach Wallace/Aaron Siegel - Memory the Sky. In Former Times (Clean Feed) cardboard gatefold $6
Steven Bernstein's Millenial Territory Orchestra - Mto Plays Sly (Royal Potato Family) cardboard gatefold $6
Ben Besiakov/George Garzone Quartet - (Why Don't We Play: Mack the Knife Real Slow and in B-minor) (Stunt) $7
Dean Brown w/Dennis Chambers + Will Lee - DBIII (Bhm) $5
Phineas Newborn Jr. - Piano Portraits by Phineas Newborn Jr. (Roulette/TOCJ-50194) 24-bit remastered Japanese reissue, w/obi, $10
Oregon - Ecotopia (ECM) Touchstones gatefold reissue $5
Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet - Ancestors (Playscape) w/T.Malaby, J.Greene, G.Cleaver, P.Madseon, digipak $6
Bill Perkins Octet - On Stage (Pacific Jazz/TOCJ-9448) mini-lp, 24-bit remastered Japanese reissue, no obi $18
Courtney Pine - Underground (Antilles) w/J.Watts, C.Chestnut, R.Veal, DJ Pogo $3
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - For the Love of Ornette (Jazzwerkstatt) w/slipcase, w/O.Coleman, T.Kofi, W.Puschnig, D.Haynes, J.Faulkner, Y.Uzeki, W.Ahmad $11
Baptiste Trotignon - Share (Naive) digipak, w/M.Penman, E.Harland, O.Brown III, and T.Harrell & M.Turner guesting on three tracks $6

*** added on 2 June ***

George Arvanitas - Little Florence (Sound Hills/SCCD-8113) Japanese issue, w/obi $19
Dave Ballou - Dancing Foot (Steeplechase) w/K.Norton, J.Hebert, M.Formanek, a few scuffs & light scratches, plays fine $6
Clifford Brown - Four Classic Albums (Avid) AMSC 950, two discs $5
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Further Out (Columbia/Legacy) 1996 remastered reissue, with 2 bonus track, a few light scratches and nicks $4
Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Come Charlie! (Verve) with 3 previously unreleased tracks, $4
Chico Hamilton Quintet - Three Classic Albums Plus... (Avid) AMSC 949, two discs $5
Benjamin Herman - Plays Jaki Byard (A/Challenge) hybrid sacd, $7
Fred Hersch Trio - Alive at the Vanguard (Palmetto) two discs, digipak, $11
Fred Ho + the Green Monster Big Band - Celestial Green Monster (Mutable/Big Red ) gatefold, one minor scratch $6
General Music Project - II (Evidence) K.Garrett, C.Moffett, C.Moffett, C.Chestnut $4
Ori Kaplan Shaat'Nez Band - Le Magus (Knitting Factory) $4
Achim Kaufmann - Verivyr (Pirouet) digipak $8
Charles Lloyd - The Call (ECM) Touchstones issue, cardboard gatefold $5
Lonnie Smith Trio - Foxy Lady (Venus) w/J.Abercrombie, M.Smith, no obi, scratches and nicks, plays fine $5

*** added on 2 May ***

Nat Adderley - Work Song (Riverside/OJC) 1989 remastered reissue $4
Clarke-Boland Big Band - Handle with Care & Jimmy Giuffre w/Bob Brookmeyer & Jim Hall - Western Suite (Collectables) $5
Leroy Jenkins - Mixed Quintet (Black Saint) $8
Roland Kirk - Rip, Rig, and Panic / Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith (Emarcy) 1990 remastered reissue $5
John Lindberg Quintet - Dimension 5 (Black Saint) $8
Nicholas Payton - B*tches (In+Out) $4
Colin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos - Codona 2 (ECM), minor scratches outside the playing area, $5

*** added on 19 April ***

Donny McCaslin - Perpetual Motion (Greenleaf) digipak $5
Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory - Far Side (ECM) some scuffs $6
Stan Tracey Octet - Portraits Plus (Blue Note) fading of color on spine $6

*** added on 14 April ***

Jaki Byard & the Apollo Stompers - My Mother's Eyes (Pony Canyon) 2013 Japanese reissue, cardboard sleeve, no obi $9
Jimmy Giuffre - Four Classic Albums, plus... (Avid) two discs $5
Coleman Hawkins - Three Classic Albums, plus... (Avid) two discs $5
Paul Motian - Monk in Motian (JMT) a few light scratches & nicks, plays fine $4

*** added on 1 April ***

Rez Abbasi - Things to Come (Sunnyside) w/R.Mahanthappa, V.Iyer, J.Weidenmueller, D.Weiss, two punch holes through barcode $6
Victor Feldman - Four Classic Albums (Avid) two discs $5
Hank Jones - Master Class: 'Bop Redux / Groovin' High (32 Jazz) one is trio, the other quintet w/C.Rouse & T.Jones, digipak, sticker residue on barcode, disc has scuffs, scratches & nicks, no playback problems $6
Loren Mazzacane Connors/DarinGray - This Past Spring (Family Vineyard) $6
Paul Motian - On Broadway, volume 3 (Polydor/Winter & Winter) 24-bit remastered reissue, some yellowing/wear on digipak, a few light scratches on disc $5
Eddie Palmieri - Vamonos Pal Monte (Fania) 2006 reissue, some tear on spine perforation $3
Art Pepper - Four Classic Albums (Avid) two discs $5
Mike Stern - Big Neighborhood (Heads Up) $4
Victor Wooten - Palmystery (Heads Up) $3

** added on 20 March ***

Michel Petrucciani/Marcus Miller/Birelli Lagrene/Kenny Garrett/Lenny White - Dreyfus Night in Paris (Dreyfus) $4
Nina Simone - Three Classics Albums (Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Cafe/The Amazing Nina Simone/Nine Simone at Town Hall) (Real Gone Jazz) 2 discs, $5
Jeremy Steig - Howlin' for Judy (Blue Note) a few nicks and light scratches $4

*** Alphabetized back list (~ 350) ***
(recently sold quite a few discs from the list below - and possibly even some from the more recent lists above - I have not updated the lists to reflect these yet [not an easy task with my lack of organization], but please let me know if you are interested in anything and I will check & get back to you within one day)

Eivind Aarset - Connected (Jazzland) no slipcase (don't know if it comes with one) $4
Monty Alexander - Concrete Jungle. The Music of Bob Marley. The Tuff Gong Sessions (Telarc) $3
Monty Alexander/Ray Brown/Herb Ellis - Straight Ahead (Trio/Overseas Special) (Concord Jazz) punch through bar code $4
Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling - My days are darker than your nights (Hapna) $5
AMM with John Butcher - Trinity (Matchless) cardboard gatefold, scuffs and scratches on disc, no playback problems $6
Ray Anderson - It Just So Happens (Enja) a few scratches/nicks, no playback problems, tray shows its age $3
Peter Apfelbaum & The New York Hieroglyphics - It is written (Act) digipak $4
Arcado (String Trio) - Behind the Myth (JMT/Winter & Winter) remastered 2003 reissue, wear on packaging, nicks/scuffs, plays fine $4
Louis Armstrong - Plays W.C. Handy (Columbia) 1997 remastered reissue, some scratches, crease on one side of spine #4
Aurelia Saxophone Quartet - Tangon (Challenge) $5
Dmirty Baevsky - Down With It (Sharp Nine) a few light scratches & nicks $4
Chet Baker - Plays the Best of Lerner & Loewe (Riverside/OJC) $4
Chet Baker - Picture of Heath (Pacific Jazz/Blue Note) $4
Patricia Barber - A Distortion of Love (Antilles) w/M.Johnson, A.Nussbaum, W.Muthspiel $4
Count Basie & His Orchestra - On My Way & Shoutin' Again (Verve) digipak, remastered 2009 reissue $4
Count Basie - At Newport (Verve) digipak, 2007 reissue, a few nicks $4
B.Beins/A.Bosetti/A.Dorner/R.Hayward/A.Krebs/A.Neumann/ Clive Bell & Sylvia Hallett - The Geographers (Emanem) $4
Tim Berne - Fractured Fairy Tales (Winter & Winter/JMT) 2003 reissue, one scratch and a few light nicks $4
David Binney - Graylen Epicenter (Mythology) gatefold, nicks/light scratches, plays fine $5
Carla Bley - The Lost Chords finds Paolo Fresu (WATT/ECM) punch through barcode $5
Carla Bley - Looking for America (Watt/ECM) $7

Stefano Bollani - I Visionari (Label Bleu) two discs, $11
Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda/Bhob Rainey - Places dans l'air (Potlatch), has scratches, plays fine, $3
Anthony Braxton - Solo (Koln) 1978 (Leo Golden Years) $4
Anouar Brahem - Conte de l'incroyable amour (ECM Touchstones) 2008 gatefold issue $4
Malcolm Braff Combo - Together (Blue Note) some wear on digipak $4
Malcolm Braff - Inside (Enja) slight damage on front cover, digipak $4
Anthony Braxton - Saxophone Improvisations Series F (America) 2 discs, 2004 reissue (don't have a slipcase, if it came in one) $15

Anthony Braxton - The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note (CamJazz) 8 discs, dent/line indent on box $25
John Wolf Brennan - Moskau-Petuschki/Felix-Szenen (Leo) $4
John Wolf Brennan/Alex Cline/Daniele Patumi/Tscho Theissing/John Voirol - Shooting Stars & Traffic Lights (Leo) $4
Bob Brookmeyer Small Band - Volume One (Sandy's Jazz Revival, 1978) (Gryphon) $4
Peter Brotzmann - Die Like a Dog Quartet. Little Birds Have Fast Hearts, no.1 (FMP) w/T.Kondo, W.Parker, H.Drake, watermark/wavy booklet & back tray, three scratches, no playback problems $7
Clifford Brown/Max Roach - Brown and Roach, Inc. (EmArcy) early jewel case issue $3
Dave Brubeck - Early Concepts (Proper) 2 discs 52 tracks from recordings 1948-1952, no slipcase $4
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions of Japan (Columbia) 2009 reissue $4
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Brubeck Time (Columbia) 1998 reissue $4
Dave Brubeck-Paul Desmond - 1975: The Duets (A&M/Verve) 24-bit remastered gatefold reissue, with obi $5
Tony Buck/Axel Dorner - Durch und Durch (Tes) Digipak $4
Chris Burn's Ensemble - Ensemble at Musica Genera 2002 (Musica Genera) cardboard gatefold, wear on packaging $4

Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane - Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane (Prestige/New Jazz) RVG Remasters reissue $5
Gary Burton/Pat Metheny/Steve Swallow/Antonio Sanchez - Quartet Live (Concord) $4
John Butcher - Resonant Spaces (Confront) digipak $6
John Butcher/Paal Nilssen-Love - Concentric (Clean Feed) signe by Paal Nilssen-Love on back cover (though now smudged) $5
Uri Caine Ensemble Plays Mozart (Winter & Winter) $6
Carr/Nord/Hofmann - In Walks Art (Leo) $4
Francois Carrier - Happening (Leo) 2 discs, w/M.Maneri, U.Neuman, P.Cote, M.Lambert $6

Bill Carrothers - Duets with Bill Stewart (Dreyfus) punch through bar code $5
Kent Carter String Trio - The Willisau Suites (ITMP) one scratch, no playback problems $4
Bill Charlap/Renee Rosnes - Double Portrait (Blue Note) $4
Steve Coleman and Metrics - The Way of the Cipher (Rca/Bmg) depression/mark on front cover $4
Steve Coleman and Five Elements - Curves of Life (Rca/Bmg) punch through bar code $4
John Coltrane/Frank Wess - Wheelin' & Dealin' (Prestige) 1991 remastered reissue $3
John Coltrane - Dakar (Prestige) 1989 remastered reissue $3
John Coltrane - Standard Coltrane (Prestige) 1990 remastered reissue $3
John Coltrane- Settin' the Pace (Prestige) 1987 remastered reissue $3
John Coltrane - The Last Trane (Prestige) XYZ digipak, remastered in 2003 $3
The Contest of Pleasures (J.Butcher/X.Charles/A.Dorner) - Albi days (Potlatch) perforation coming off one side of spine $4
The Contest of Pleasures (J.Butcher/X.Charles/A.Dorner) - tempestuous (Another Timbre) light scuffs/nicks, one side of spine worn $3
Carla Cook - Dem Bones (Max Jazz) digipak, some wear on the the digipak $3
Chick Corea/Eddie Gomez/Paul Motian - Further Explorations (Concord) two discs $7
Paquito D'Rivera - Spice it Up! The Best of Paquito D'Rivera (Chesky), 14 tracks, 66 minutes $3
Paquito D'Rivera - Reunion (Random Records/Rp Music) 2007 reissue, w/A.Sandoval, D.Perez, F.Haque, G.Hidalgo $3
Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O'Rourke/Drumm/Siewert - Orange album (charhizma) $4
Miles Davis - Tutu (Warner Bros) $3
Miles Espanol. New Sketches of Spain (Eq Music) 2 discs,a few light scratches/nicks, no playback problems $5
Miles from India (Times Square Records) 2 discs $7
Benoit Delbecq 5 - Pursuit (Songlines) w/M.Moore, F.Houle, J.J Avenel, S.Arguelles $5
Tobias Delius - Toby's Mloby (ICP) w/T.Honsinger, J.Williamson, H.Bennink, some nicks, no playback problems $8
The Paul Desmond Quintet - Live (A&M/Verve) remastered 2000 reissue $5
Joe Diorio - Bonita (Art of Life) 24-bit remastered reissue $6
Joe Diorio - We Will Meet Again (Ram) one big scratch, a few minor scratches/nicks, no playback problems $9
Eric Dolphy - Out There (Prestige/OJC) 1982 remastered reissue, nicks/scratches, plays fine $3
Mark Dresser Trio - Aquifer (Crypogramophone) marker over barcode $4

Don Ellis - Essence (Mighty Quinn) scuffs/nicks and one big scratch, no playback problems $9
Amir ElSaffar - Two Rivers (Pi) w/Rudresh Mahanthappa, N.Waits, and others $6
erikM/dieb 13 - chaos club (erstwhile) two discs $7
erikM/Gunter Muller/Toshimaru Nakamura - Why Not Bechamel (For4Ears) $4

Bill Evans - California Here I Come (Verve) 2004 remastered digipak reissue, w/obi $6
James Fei - Solo Works (Leo Lab) $3
Fieldwork (S.Lehman/V.Iyer/T.Sorey) - Door (Pi) digipak $5
Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass - Sophisticated Lady (Pablo/Fantasy) $4
Robben Ford - Supernatural (Blue Thumb/Stretch) $2
Free Zone Appleby 2007 (Ned Rothenberg/Evan Parker/Paolo Angeli) (Psi) $6
Bill Frisell - all we are saying... (Savoy) w/J.Scheinman, T.Scherr, K.Wollesen, G.Leisz, cardboard gatefold $5
Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekasin - Catalogue. Live in Germany (Leo) $4
Garage A Trois (C.Hunter, M.Dillon, S.Moore, Skerik) - Outre Mer (Telarc) digipak $3
Juan Garcia-Herreros/G.Osby/E.Simon/T.L. Carrington - Snow Owl Quartet (Quinton) digipak, lots of scratches/scuffs, plays ok $3
Red Garland - Soul Junction (Prestige/RVG remasters) $4
The Hal Garper Quintet - Children of the Night (Double-Time) w/M.Brecker, R.Brecker, B.Moses, W.Dockery $5

Kenny Garrett - Sketches of MD. Live at the Iridium (Mack Avenue) featuring P.Sanders $5
George Garzone - Alone (NYC Records) $3
Abercrombie/Holland/DeJohnette - Gateway (ECM/Touchstones) cardboard gatefold issue $5

Gianni Gebbia, Matthew Goodheart & Garth Powell - Zen Widow (Evander), some minor scratches $5
Joachim Gies - Whispering Blue (Leo Lab) $3
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio (Blue Note) $5
Ben Goldberg Quintet - the door, the hat, the chair, the fact (Cryptogrammophone) digipak, marker over barcode $5
Benny Goodman - The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert (Columbia) 1999 remastered reissue, two discs $5

Kadri Gopalnath/James Newton/P.Srinivasan - Southern Brothers (Water Lily) $5
Dexter Gordon - Bopland. The Legendary Elks Club Concert LA 1947 (Savoy Jazz) 3 discs $7
F.Gratkowski/F.van Hove/T.Oxley - Grathovox (Nuscope) one big scratch, a few minor scratches/nicks, plays fine $4
Jimmy Greene Quartet - Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) cardboard gatefold $4
Johnny Griffin - The Cat (Antilles) $3
George Gruntz Trio - Serious Fun (Enja) w/M.Richmond, A.Nussbaum $4
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - First Prize (Enja) some of the perforation on the spine has come loose $5
The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - Blues'N Dues Et Cetera (Enja) digipak $4
Anthony Guerra/Paul Hood/Joel Stern - Low Resistance Group (Parallax) $4
Mats Gustafsson - The Education of Lars Jerry (Xeric) a few nicks, no playback problems $6
Tord Gustavsen Trio - Being There (ECM) no slip case $6

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky & Evelin Petrova - Chonyi Together (Leo) $4
Jim Hall & Pat Metheny - Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (Nonesuch) 2011 reissue, cardboard gatefold $5
Herbie Hancock - My Point of View (Blue Note/RVG) $4
Herbie Harper - Jazz in Holywood (Nocturne/OJC Limited Edition) saw cut on spine $4
Barry Harris - At the Jazz Workshop (Riverside/VICJ-41564) Japanese mini-lp, 20bit K2, w/obi, 3 bonus tracks $9
Fritz Hauser - Solodrumming (hat[now]ART) 1999 remastered edition, $5
Fritz Hauser - Pensieri Bianchi (hatART) 1990 jewel case issue, a few scratches, no playback problem $6
Hampton Hawes - Everybody Likes Hampton Hawes. vol.3, the Trio (Contemporary/OJC) $4

Hampton Hawes - The Green Leaves of Summer (Contemporary/OJC) bottom right corner of front cover cut, some scratches/nicks, plays ok $4
Coleman Hawkins Quartet - Today and Now (Impulse!) digipak,1996 reissue, fading of color on one side of spine $5
Ted Heath - Our Kind of Jazz/Spotlight on the Side Men (Vocalion) 2002 remastered reissue $6

Scott Henderson/Jeff Berlin/Dennis Chambers - HBC (Tone Center) $5
Andrew Hill - Live at Montreux (Freedom) $5
Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet - True (Challenge) digipak $6

Elmo Hope- The Final Sessions. Volume One (Specialty/OJC) $6
Shirley Horn - Live at the 1994 Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF/Concord) $4
Greg Howe/Victor Wooten/Dennis Chambers - Extraction (Tone Center) $5
Freddie Hubbard/Oscar Peterson - Face to Face (Pablo) 1997 reissue, one minor scratch/a few nicks $3
Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay (CTI) 2010 remastered reissue, cardboard gatefold $5

Greg Howe/Victor Wooten/Dennis Chambers - Extraction (Tone Center) $5
Charlie Hunter Trio - Mistico (Fantasy) $3
Charlie Hunter Trio - Friends Seen and Unseen (Ropeadope/Rykodisc) digipak $3
Ahmad Jamal - Chicago Revisited. Live at Jazz Showcase (Telarc) many minor scratches/nicks, playback ok $2
Bobby Jaspar - Modern jazz au club St-Germain (Jazz in Paris, v.27) (Gitanes/Barclay) digipak $5

Boogaloo Joe Jones - Right on Brother (Prestige/RVG remasters), super jewel box tray $4
Hank Jones - Favors (Verve) w/G.Mraz, D.Mackrel $5
Philly Joe Jones Sextet - Blues for Dracula (Riverside) w/J.Griffin, N.Adderley, J.Priester, J.Garrison, T.Flanagan $5
Phillip Johnston - Music for Films (Tzadik) w/obi $3
Theo Jorgensmann Quartet - To Ornette. Hybrid Identity (hatOLOGY) $5
Manu Katche - Playground (ECM) no slipcase $4
Achim Kaufmann Quartet - Double Exposure (Leo) w/M.Moore, J.Schroder, J.Hollenbeck $4

Roger Kellaway - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, volume eleven (Concord Jazz) $7
Rodney Kendrick - Dance World Dance (Gitanes/Verve) w/A.Blythe and others $4
Jan Klare/Bart Maris/Wilbert de Joode/Michael Vatcher - Played 1000 (Leo) $4
Koch-Schutz-Studer - Life Tied (Intakt) $4
Franz Koglmann Pipetet - Let's Make Love (Between the Lines) $5
Franz Koglmann - Make Believe (Between the Lines) w/T.Coe, T.Varner, B.Shepik, P.Hebert $4

Lee Konitz & the Brazilian Band - Brazilian Rhapsody (Venus) cardboard mini-lp, w/obi $8
Lee Konitz - Round & Round (Nimbus) flimsy booklet & cd-r, as Nimbus themselves sell it $5
Richie Kotzen - Break It All Down / Wave of Emotion (Spitfire/The Store for Music) two discs, digipak reissue $6
Cornelius Claudio Kreusch - Live! at Steinway Hall New York (Edition Collage) 2012 reissue, digipak $5
Steve Lacy - 5 x Monk 5 x Lacy (Silkheart) light scuffs, no playback problems $6
Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet - The Breadwinner (erstwhile) $5
Joelle Leandre - Urban Bass (l'empreinte digitale) 1994 reissue $11
Joelle Leandre - Contrabesse & Voix (Adda) trays show their age/some fading, a few minor scratches/nicks $11

Joelle Leandre - No Comment (Red Toucan) $6
Christian Lillingers Grund - First Reason (Clean Feed) cardboard gatefold, w/J.Kuhn (on 3 tracks), T.Delius and others $6
Julien Lourau - Julien Lourau vs Rumbabierta (Label Bleu) digipak $6
Julien Lourau - Fire & Forget2 (Label Bleu) 2005 release, w/DVD & slipcase, some nicks/scuffage/light scratches, plays fine $8
The Jon Lloyd Quartet - Head (Leo) w/J.Law, M.Sanders, P.Rogers $4
The Magic I.D. - till my breath gives out (erstwhile) digipak $4
Joe Maneri/Masashi Harada - Pinerskol (Leo) $5
Mat Maneri Trio - So What? (hatOLOGY) w/M.Shipp and R.Peterson, a few light scratches, no playback problems $6
Shelly Manne & His Men - Yesterdays (Pablo/Fantasy) $5
Charlie Mariano w/Philip Catherine Jasper van't Hof - The Great Concert (Enja) $5
Masada String Trio - 50.1 (Tzadik) digipak w/obi, fading on spine, minor scratches/nicks $4
Ron McClure Sextet - Double Triangle (Naxos Jazz) w/T.Hagans, C.Herwig, R.Perry, M.Copland, B.Hart $3
John McLaughlin - The Promise (Verve) Hip-O-Select 2010 digipak reissue $4
Joe McPhee - Tenor & Fallen Angels (hatOLOGY) 2000 edition, three scratches $4

Medeski Martin & Wood - Live. Free Magic (Indirecto) cardboard gategfold $6
The Microscopic Septet - Friday the Thirteenth. The Micros Play Monk (Cuneiform) $5
Pat Metheny/Dave Holland/Roy Haynes - Question and Answer (Geffen) some scratches, plays ok $3
Pat Metheny - Unity Band (Nonesuch) w/C.Potter, B.Williams, A.Sanchez, cardboard gatefold $6
Marcus Miller - Renaissance (3 Deuces/Dreyfus) $3
Marcus Miller - M2 (Telarc) $3
Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy - Cornell 1964 (Blue Note) two discs, few light scratches/nicks, plays fine $5

Frank Morgan - Bop! (Telarc) w/Rodney Kendrick Trio, some scratches/nicks, plays fine $3
Norbert Moslang - lat_nc_ (for4ears) $4
Gunter Muller/Otomo Yoshihide - Time Travel (erstwhile) $5
Wolfgang Muthspiel 4tet - Earth Mountain (Material) $4
Tatsuya Nakatani - Primal Communication (H&H) digipak $4
Le Quan Ninh - Le Ventre Negatif (Meniscus) $4
Simon Nabatov/Han Bennink - Chat Room (Leo) a few minor scratches, no playback problems $6
Simon Nabatov/Nils Wogram - Starting a Story (ACT) digipak, two minor scratches, no playback problems $5
Andrea Neumann/Burkhard Beins - Lidingo (ersthwile) $4
New York Jazz Collective - I Don't Know This World Without Don Cherry (Naxos Jazz) $3
Lauren Newton - Filigree (hatOLOGY) 1998 reissue $5
Pago Libre - Stepping Out (Leo) $4
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - The Eleventh Hour (ECM) no slipcase $5
Jaco Pastorius - Invitation (Warner Bros) digipak $3
Art Pepper - The Village Vanguard Collection (Contemporary/VDP-5043/6) 4 discs, some wear on booklet, no obi, $14

Rich Perry - e-motion (Steeplechase) $7
Evelyn Petrova - Year's Cycle (Leo) scuffs, no playback problems $3

Pinton/Kulhammar/Zetterberg/Norderson - Chant (Clean Feed) cardboard gatefold, some scratches and scuffs, $4
Paul Plimley - Everything in Stages (Songlines) $5
poire_z - poire_z (for4ears) G.Mueller, voicecrack, erik m $4
Bud Powell - Blues in the Closet (Verve) 2009 Verve Originals remastered reissue, digipak $5
Paola Prestini - Body Maps (Tzadik) w/obi $2
Ernest Ranglin - Gotcha! (Telarc) w/Antonio Hart $3
Sonny Red - Images (Jazzland/VICJ-41766) Japanese 20bit K2 remastered reissue, sawcut on spine $6
Joshua Redman - Back East (Nonesuch) no slipcase $4
The Respect Sextet - Sirius Respect. The Respect Sextet play the music of Sun Ra & Stockhausen (Avant/Mode) $6
Stephane Rives - Fibres (Potlatch) $4
Jason Robinson - The Two Faces of Janus (Cuneiform) w/L.Ellman, M.Ehrlich, R.Mahanthappa, punch through barcode $4
Scott Rosenberg - Creative Orchestra Music. Chicago 2001 (New World) $4

Scott Rosenberg - V. Solo Improvisations (Umbrella) $4
Sonny Rollins - On Impulse! (Impulse!) digipak, 1997 remastered reissue $4

ROVA - The Works (Volume 1) (Black Saint) some light scratches, no playback problems $4
Keith Rowe/Axel Dorner/Franz Hautzinger - A View from The Window (erstwhile) crease on one side of spine $4
Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura - Between (erstwhile) 2 discs $8
Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura - Weather Sky (erstwhile) indent on front tray, plenty of minor of scratches & scuffs, plays ok $3

Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Rapsodia (Blue Note) $4
Gonzalo Rubalcaba & New Cuban Quartet - Paseo (Blue Note) $4
Dino Saluzzi/Jon Christensen - Senderos (ECM) no slipcase $4
Dino Saluzzi - Kultrum (ECM Touchstones) 2008 gatefold issue $3
David Sanchez - Coral (Columbia) hybrid SACD, plays on all CD players $3
Pharoah Sanders - Jewels of Thought (Impulse!) remastered reissue, digipak $5
Randy Sandke - Get Happy (Concord) $4
Jerome Sabbagh - One Two Three (Bee Jazz) trio w/B.Street, R.Green, w/slipcase $6

John Scofield - This Meets That (Emarcy) w/B.Stewart, S.Swallow and horns $4
Shirley Scott - Trio Classics, vol.1 (Prestige/Fantasy) remastered 2004 reissue of Great Scott! and Shirley's Sounds $4
Archie Shepp - California Meeting. Live "On Broadway" (Soul Note) w/G.Cables, H.Lewis, E. Marshall $5
Archie Shepp - The Rising Sun Collection (Just A Memory/Justin Time) w/C.Brown, C.Pership, D.Burrell $5
Archie Shepp and Roswell Rudd - Live in New York (Verve) w/A.Cyrille, R.Workman, G.Moncur, punch through barcode, $4
Archie Shepp - yasmina, a black woman (BYG, Actuel volume 4) 2002 Sunspots reissue, gatefold $6
Archie Shepp - Mama Too Tight (Impulse) 20 bit remastered 1995 digipak reissue $5

Matthew Shipp duo with Mat Maneri - Gravitational Systems (hatOLOGY) a few nicks $4
Skogen - Skogen (bombaxbombax), E.Carlsson, M.Granberg, H.Olsson, L.Svensson, P.Wastberg $5
Andy Sheppard - Movements in Colour (ECM) (no slipcase, don't know if it comes with one) $5
Lisa Sokolov - Presence (Laughing Horse) digipak $4
Tim Sparks - Little Princess. Tim Sparks Plays Naftule Brandwein (Tzadik) w/G.Cohen & C.Baptista, w/obi $5
Spring Heel Jack - Songs & Themes (Thirsty Ear) punch through barcode $4
Burkhard Stangl/Taku Unami - i was (hibari) cardboard gatefold $4

Mike Stern - All Over the Place (Heads Up) $4
stilluppsteypa & TV Pow - "we are everyone in the room" (erstwhile) $4
Sonny Stitt - Blows the Blues (Verve/Analogue Productions) hybrid SACD $17
Sonny Stitt/Booker Ervin/Don Patterson - Soul People (Prestige/Fantasy) 1993 remastered reissue $6

Gabor Szabo/Bobby Womack - High Contrast (Blue Thumb/Verve) 2004 reissue, 24-bit remaster, w/obi, no booklet/foldout $8
Tape - Rideau (Hapna) $4
Jacky Terrasson - Mirror (Blue Note) $4
Ticklish - Ticklish (Grob) $4
Trespass Trio (R.Strid/P.Zanussi/M.Kuchen) - "was there to illuminate the night sky" (Clean Feed) punch through back cover $4
Trio Transition - with special guest Oliver Lake (DIW) trio is M.Miller, R.Workman, F.Waits, a few light scratches/nicks $5
McCoy Tyner - Fly With the Wind (Milestone/Keepnews Collection) $5
McCoy Tyner - Tender Moments (Blue Note RVG) $4
McCoy Tyner - Quartets 4x4 (Milestone) 1993 remastered reissue $5
The Vandermark 5 - Acoustic Machine (Atavistic) digipak $6
Joe Venuti & Zoot Sims - Joe & Zoot & More (Chiaroscuro) the disc is a cd-r, as manufactured and sent by the label themselves $6

John Wall - Constructions I-IV (Utterpsalm) $5
Per Henrik Wallin - Proklamation I & Farewell to Sweden (hatOLOGY) two discs, scuffs $6

Florian Weber/Jeff Denson/Ziv Ravitz - Minsarah (Enja) $4
Kenny Wheeler - Gnu High (ECM) Touchstones cardboard gatefold reissue, w/K.Jarrett, D.Holland, J.DeJohnette $5
Kenny Wheeler/Lee Konitz/Dave Holand/Bill Frisell - Angel Song (ECM) no slipcase $5
Corey Wilkes - Kind of Miles. Live at the Velvet Lounge (CW/Katalyst) cardboard gatefold $6

Nils Wogram - Swing Moral (Enja) digipak $5
Denny Zeitlin - Slick Rock (Maxjazz) w/B.Williams, M.Wilson, digipak $5
Calos Zingaro/Dominique Regef/Wilbert DeJoode String Trio - Spectrum (Clean Feed) marker on barcode, a few light scratches $3


Thank you for looking.

Edited by gnhrtg

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Added three discs (October Meeting 91, Simply Said, and Austrian Songs).

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Replied to your PM, D.D.

Austrian Songs has some great tracks (I got it because I thought the line-up was really good) but on the whole I find it uneven. Hope someone else gets more out of it than I do, I can tell you do.

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You didn't like Fei?

Interesting you ask about that, D.D. I'm not sure and have different reactions to each spin. So I figured it someone wants it, they'll liberate me from the task of making up my mind - if not, I'll keep popping it in every now and then to see whether I like it :huh:

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Mose Alison and Dexter Gordon discs added.

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Mose Alison and Dexter Gordon discs added.

PM sent on Gillespie and Allison CD's, and Metheny/Hancock and Liebman DVD's.

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Lupu Schubert disc added.

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Lupu Schubert disc added.

Don't you like this one, Gökhan? To my ears Lupu's one of the better "modern" Schubert interpreters.

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Lupu Schubert disc added.

Don't you like this one, Gökhan? To my ears Lupu's one of the better "modern" Schubert interpreters.

I do Hans, and agree about Lupu more generally. I just got the 4 disc set of his Schubert recordings, that's why. He'll be performing Mozart's 20th Piano Concerto in Paris late May and we'll get our tickets soon (though I would've preferred a recital or a Romantic era concerto, but we'll see, I never heard him play Mozart).

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Lupu Schubert disc added.

Don't you like this one, Gökhan? To my ears Lupu's one of the better "modern" Schubert interpreters.

I do Hans, and agree about Lupu more generally. I just got the 4 disc set of his Schubert recordings, that's why. He'll be performing Mozart's 20th Piano Concerto in Paris late May and we'll get our tickets soon (though I would've preferred a recital or a Romantic era concerto, but we'll see, I never heard him play Mozart).

Ah, I see. I didn't buy that 4CD-set; I've heard parts of it, though, and I prefer the older separate discs, they have better sound to my ears.

I've never heard Lupu in Mozart either. I love most of Perahia's performances of the concertos, and Lupu might be similarly minded. Which orchestra is it and who's conducting?

Note to prospective buyers: get the Lupu, it's great.

Edited by J.A.W.

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Added Spring Heel Jack - Live and took a euro off the price of the V5 double-disc.

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I don't think I've ever seen anybody be given such a hard time over their taste regarding which discs they sell! Leave the man alone! ;)

(this board can be a tough environment...) :ph34r:

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PM sent on the following:

Joey Calderazzo - Haiku (Marsalis Music) $4

Sonny Rollins - Without a Song. The 9/11 Concert (Milestone) $5

Jean Michel Pilc - Follow Me (Dreyfus) $4

Bill Charlap Trio - Somewhere. The Songs of Leonard Bernstein (Blue Note) copy controlled $5

Steve Lacy Quartet feturing Charles Tyler - One Fell Swoop (Silkheart) $8

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Replied to all pm's and updated the list (added Freddie Hubbard's Ready for Freddie, RVG).

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Updated. Thanks for looking.

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Updated. Added a Steve Lacy disc and a free (with 2 or more discs) Lovano/Osby disc. Lower prices, almost everything is $4 now and the three Japanese issues are $7 each. Thanks for looking.

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8 additions. Brough down the price of Non Troppo to $15.

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Sending PM on Non Troppo

For sale (or trade). You can pay me with cduniverse gift certificates. Shipping from here is not as expensive as you might think (certainly cheaper than shipping to the US from France). It costs about $2.5 for the first disc (without a jewel case) and decreases proportionally, e.g., 1 digipak and 4 cd's (without jewel cases) costs $5.

Almost all are in very good condition (no scratches and clean/intact artwork). Let me know what you're interested in and I'll inform you of any blemishes.

Brad Mehldau Trio - Anything Goes (Warner Bros) $4

Brad Mehldau - Largo (Warner Bros) $4

Mulgrew Miller - Hand in Hand (Novus) $4

Wolfgang Puschnig/Mark Feldman - Spaces (Emarcy) $4

The Ganelin Trio - Non Troppo (hatART) $15 (two copies for $38 on amazon, if you are interested but find the price too high, do get in touch, booklet has about a 2mm tear at the top left-hand corner, top of the spine)

Simon Nabatov Trio - Three Stories, One End (ACT), with Drew Gress and Tom Rainey $6

D.D. Jackson - Paired Down, volume 2 (Justin Time), with R.Anderson, D.Murray, B.Bang, and others $6

Jeff "Tain" Watts - Bar Talk (Columbia) $5

Sonny Rollins - Volume 1 (Blue Note, TOCJ, with obi) $8

Graewe/Reijseger/Hemingway - Sonic Fiction (hatART) $9

Bill Carrothers - Armistice 1918 (Sketch), 2 cd's $13, matt-digipak, comes with a 32 page booklet, the digipak is worn around the edges (as these cardboard-like matt-digipak are wonts to be) but the cd's and the booklet are fine

Peter Tosh - Live & Dangerous. Boston 1976 (Columbia) $5

Ariel Shibolet - Metal Tube & Consciousness (Leo), soprano solo - free with first purchase of 2 or more discs

Thanks for looking.

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Updated again (added 4 discs and lowered the prices). Thanks for looking.

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PM sent on Bill Carrothers

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