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Joe Gloss - guitar:

Joe Gloss (Lansing, MI) picked up a guitar at the age of 8 to learn bluegrass and never looked back. His musical appetite carried him through many varied genres before finally settling into jazz in the early 1990s.

Joe is known for his melodic, thoughtful phrasing and almost zen-like calm on stage. His diverse musical background makes him adept in almost any style but he found his true musical voice studying jazz and classical guitar.

Joe's strengths, including his beautiful harmonic sense and exquisite writing, are the perfect compliment with the rest of the group, helping to push organissimo in new directions.

Joe is also a Visiting Professor of Jazz at Michigan State University, teaching jazz guitar to students in the Jazz Program.

When he's not practicing guitar or piano, Joe enjoys nature (whether outdoor activities like camping, canoeing, skiing, tree climbing, etc., or learning by observation or reading), philosophy, science, and Qi Gong.

Joe currently plays a Stromberg Monterey guitar through a Pearce G2r amplifier on most gigs.

Joe left organissimo in late 2010 to pursue non-musical endevours.


" Joe knocked me out; his lines always sing... In particular, his phrasing lays across the beat so subtlely and fluidly that I'd know his playing anywhere."
~ jazz writer & critic, Larry Kart, October 2005