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Moving to email only log-in December 1, 2022

This announcement is no longer active

Jim Alfredson

Hi friends,

In light of the updated software the board is running, I’ll be moving the log-in system to email as opposed to a username based log-in. This is a security issue as user names are public information, attached to every post you make. That makes it easier for bots to brute force your password. 

What this means is that instead of using your username to log into the board, you’ll just use the email address you registered your account with. 

Since many of us have been here a LONG time, it might be time to check your user control panel profile settings and make sure the email address you registered with is still one that you have access to. If not, you should be able to change it from there. If you have any issues, let me know via a PM and I can update your email address for you.

I will institute the move gradually. Right now you can log in with either your username or email, but on December 1, 2022 you will only be able to log in with your email address. 


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