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  3. If I would have known that Pure Pleasure was to release it as well I would have bought that copy. This one sounds okay by the way. Flat and silent.
  4. Lady Bug Dance just reissued on CD (for the first time).
  5. Like Soulpope said: Little Reds Fantasy on Muse records. ‘70’s recording and that was one hell of a decade in Shaws legacy. Highly recommend. The 32Jazz albumcovers were awful but have to say most of the Muse originals weren’t a thing of beauty either. LMO and MJQ are both groups I would have loved to see live. Very different kind of music but I like them both. And yeah Grif + Wes is a fantastic combo. They really sound like some very, very cool jazzcats.
  6. Probably my favourite take of Starker on these works ....
  7. This is "Little Red's Fantasy" on Muse released in 1978 ....
  8. Likely one of his best with "This Time" being close ....
  9. Didn't know she had a new one. I've liked some of her earlier stuff.
  10. What´s the title of this album ? I never saw it. Was it for Timeless ? I regret I didn´t see the Liberation Music Orchestra when they played in Hollabrunn near Vienna in 1985. It was a 3 days festival and due to other commitments I had to cut out sunday, the third and last day, so I missed the only occasions to see a late version of the "Modern Jazz Quartet", and the "Liberation".... I love it and bought it when I was 18. Such a great session with Griff + Davis´ musicians.... Around that time some older guy acquainted me with the music of Wes and I bought some of his albums, among them this one which is the most interesting....
  11. I must admit I never bought the BN unrelease or rejected sessions or tracks too happily. The first CD pressings of the classic BN albums didn´t have so many alternative tracks and the Japanese CDs never had those " bonus tracks". Maybe I´m alone with that opinion, but for me there is much enough BN material that was considered worth for issuing when it was the time it was recorded. As for Kenny Dorham: I have his earlier BN albums with the original Messengers, the Afro Cuban album and the live album at Bohemia. The next album that really fascinates me is "Una Mas". I later bought the "Whistle Blow" from the early 60´s, but not because I wanted to buy it but it was in the last days of record shops and some guy showed it to me and I thought, ok Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones, why not. But it was too much like the typical hard bop albums of the 50´s , and the early 60´s already was the time for other movements, so after one listening I think it is somewhere...., while "Una Mas" with Joe Henderson and Tony Williams is of much more interest for me. So there is little chance I might hear an unreleased session, even more because I read a lot of comments here that it was not a good session with musicians not in best form, and to study their music I prefer to here them in a fine playing mood.....
  12. It was a date in 1985, I think an album where Woody Shaw was accompanied by and Yugoslawien Quartet of ts, p,b,dr, and they were very good and so nice people, but when Woody rang the door he started to make fist movements against Max Bolleman and in the studio he said that Max Bolleman is an racist. He was completly unruly when it came about blowing into the mike, he just would blow into a dead mike. He threw his cigarette ends on the floor or stuck them on the ceiling and with him was a junkie woman, who threw all the toalet paper into the toalet and than watered the hole studio and thought it´s a joke..... and Max Bolleman says it was a miracle that music could be produced and it was mostly due to those nice albeit embarrassed men who played with him. I had seen Woody Shaw two years later at jazzland, and though he was not as irrascible, he caused enough trouble and left a lot of people in embarrasment....
  13. Al Jarreau – Glow (Reprise, 1976) Streaming this one after @Teasing the Koreanset off a burst of thoughts about the transitional era between 1975 and 1982 in the Black Jazz thread.
  14. In what sense? I think that I probably agree with you, but I am interested to hear.
  15. jlhoots

    Tony Scott

    Strange thread. Glad I finally looked at it! ☠️
  16. mjzee

    Tony Scott

    Tony Scott is pretty good on this:
  17. Avishai Cohen Trio – Shifting Sands (Naive, 2022) I like Cohen's compositions, but I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed one of his records. I tend to give them two or three dutiful listens and then forget them. I'd like to hear a more dynamic and perhaps less serious group handle his material, with a bit more zip than he seems to allow his groups.
  18. I believe you have to download. I haven't really tried yet. I just started to use this tonight.
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