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  1. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Disc One of the Buddy Rich Mosaic set, just got in, brushed the snow off the box and started listening.! How is everyone doing?
  2. #'s on Andrew Hill set

    I pre, pre-ordered mine even before it was on the website and I got mine today, #352 and #802 on the Pepper set.
  3. Ebay feedback

    Is that the guy who worked for Hallmark?!
  4. New Year's Resolutions

    Hey, when you find out, please let me know!!!!
  5. New Year's Resolutions

    Will he be checking in as well? Naw! The little bastard has developed a taste for Mozart and Bach, so I guess I'm on my own here!!
  6. New Year's Resolutions

    Appreciate life and my loved ones more! After a year of recovering and surviving cancer, every new day is a gift! It was really nice to hear from Hans and Brad and Weizen over the past few days, Happy New Year to all and I resolve to check in here more often during the New Year, even though I can't estimate how much money I've saved by not being tempted to buy from reading about new and re-issued jazz discs
  7. Mine too along with the corrected replacement for insert for Disc III/IV.
  8. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
  9. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Disc #2 of that new Farmer/Golson/Jazztet set. Very, VERY Good!!!!
  10. I was pleasantly surprised to see this waiting at my door for me tonight!! Listening to Disc One right now, Jazztet! Just amazing music. Mosaic just keeps getting better and better!!!
  11. Pigmeat Markham

    Just thought I would chime in to announce the release of 5 recordings of the great comedy artist, Pigmeat Markham on Laugh.Com. I only bring this up because I remember a few discussions about ol' Pigmeat on this board awhile ago. Anyone remember "Here Come Da Judge!"?
  12. Upcoming Mosaic Releases!

    and to think that all these years I've been facing in the wrong direction when I pray!
  13. Favorite Mosaic Guitar Box Set

    You can't go wrong with Django!!
  14. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I'll try my best....................
  15. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I've been waiting for this set for years. When it arrives, I can finally check out!!