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  1. Help with Italiano

    Not only in Italy and France, jazz was (and still is) considered a true art form in Northern Europe as well. Like classical music it is taken seriously here.
  2. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Very sorry to hear this sad news.
  3. Help with Italiano

    Radio Due = Radio Two, and in most of Europe the 24-hour clock is used, 00:00-24:00, whereas most English-speaking countries use the 12-hour clock, AM and PM. So 22:15 is indeed 10:15 PM. In Italy that's CEST or Central European Summer Time ("daylight time" in the US), UTC+2.
  4. I pointed out to Scott Wenzel last week that some more recent sets are missing from their OOP list and he told me they're behind with the updating. It's not a priority.
  5. Well, I certainly don't need it, and I didn't need the earlier ones either, but if Armstrong sets still sell, why not? No problem for me, I'll happily ignore it. His 1920s recordings are enough for me, but a lot of people love his later work as well, so Mosaic is doing them a favour.
  6. Bob Porter has died

    Very sad news.
  7. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    As I said the 22 euro tax-free threshold for imports into the EU will be gone by 1 July. From that date everything will be taxed, regardless of its value, either by the seller or at point of entry into the EU.
  8. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    As a Dutch customs officer recently said to a lorry driver from the UK: "Welcome to Brexit, Sir". Doesn't Sweden - as a EU member state - apply the tax-free 22 euro threshold for imports from a third country? That threshold won't be abolished until July 1.
  9. "Other" EU countries? Has the UK rejoined? Dutch VAT on books is currently 9%.
  10. Junior Mance RIP

    Sad news, love his playing.
  11. A Kenny Dorham Mosaic with all his 1950s/1960s recordings that can be licensed would be great. That's one I also suggested to Scott.
  12. Ha, good to hear. I suggested a Henderson/BN set to him a while ago, along with a few other "BN in the 1960s" sets: Lee Morgan (I hope this one will materialize), Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson including Dolphy's Out to Lunch, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock (the BN set has been OOP for a long time), Dexter Gordon (same), and maybe 1960-1963 Jackie McLean.
  13. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    It might be a good idea to ask the seller to deduct VAT before ordering anything - at least until 1 July; from that date EU VAT regulations will change.
  14. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    This may be interesting for EU residents who import items from non-EU member states: From the website of the European Commission: new VAT regulations from July 1, 2021