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  1. I ordered the B&W set directly from Mosaic and it turned out to be far more expensive with shipping, VAT and all that than when I had ordered it from Jazz Messengers. I also calculated what direct import of the Hubbard set would cost compared to Jazz Messengers' price, and that also turned out to be much more expensive.
  2. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I'll be ordering Mosaics from JazzMessengers again from now on. I was tempted by the pre-order price Mosaic was offering, that's why I ordered the B&W set directly from them, but seeing that JM's price was roughly the same pre-VAT I wish I had ordered it from them and saved me the hassle - and extra cost. Oh well.
  3. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Mine has just arrived, 5 days after I paid VAT. In my experience it usually takes that long for Dutch Post to receive the item from Customs after VAT and the handling fee have been paid.
  4. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    That's exactly the amount (21% VAT + 4 euros handling fee) I paid on Monday. Dutch Post told me on Monday it would be delivered the next morning: nothing; the next few days the same thing happened. This morning they notified me the set would be delivered tomorrow morning. I'll believe it when I see it...
  5. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Mosaic outsourced their shipping a few years ago. For European orders they use Asendia, a joint venture launched by French La Poste and Swiss Post, and they (Asendia) cooperate with USPS. European orders are sent in bulk from the US to a central point overseas, from where each order is forwarded to its ultimate destination. To be honest I'm not too impressed with the service Asendia provides, it took a long time for my order to even leave the "processing" stage. Dutch Post informed me that they plan to deliver the set Thursday morning, after some delay. Finally...
  6. I also have all the material, but I'll still be buying the set, if only for the upgraded sound - as was the case with the two previous BN Mosaics, the 1960s Mobley and the Henderson; the sound on those two is much better than I've ever heard on earlier releases of the same material,
  7. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Did you mail Scott directly at scott@mosaicrecords.com ? In my experience he usually replies within a day.
  8. Scott Wenzel told me a Freddie Hubbard Mosaic is in the works. No release date yet. It'll be 7 CDs with these Blue Note and impulse! albums: Open Sesame - Blue Note Goin’ Up - Blue Note Hub Cap - Blue Note Ready For Freddie - Blue Note The Artistry Of Freddie Hubbard - impulse! Hub-Tones - Blue Note Here To Stay - Blue Note The Body And The Soul - impulse! Breaking Point - Blue Note Blue Spirits - Blue Note
  9. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I wonder what JazzMessengers' price will be. I usually order my Mosaics from them, but not this time, I thought a direct order from Mosaic might be a bit cheaper (even with the Customs charges) and faster; unfortunately, my order is still "processing"...
  10. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    No notice here yet, and it'll take the set a bit longer to get here, crossing the pond
  11. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Scott Wenzel just told me the Black & White set is shipping out next week. He expects the OOS Tristano set not to be available again until August/September.
  12. There might be a misunderstanding here; I wasn't talking about a 3LP-set, I was referring to the 3 mega Mosaic Commodore boxes with a total of 66 LPs, two with 23 LPs each and one with 20 LPs.
  13. Not going to happen. Once the license runs out or a set goes OOP it will never be reissued by Mosaic, not on LP and not on CD. It's in their misson statement: Why Limited Editions? Mosaic does not own Pacific Jazz, Atlantic, Columbia, RCA, Blue Note, Verve or any other catalog product. We lease all of our recordings from other record companies or individual artists and in just about every case there’s a limit on the time period we’re allowed to offer the set for sale. Therefore once the set has sold out, it will not be made available again. Mosaic By the way, there were three Mosaic Commodore LP sets, with a total of 66 LPs.
  14. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I don't see the problem with prepayment. It's everyone's own choice, one is free not to do it. No need to moan about it.
  15. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Same here, let them have the money straight away. In my case that also means no hassle with exchange rate fluctuations.