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  1. BFT 206 is LIVE

    Back to live learning and somehow, I have time to do the test in my prep block (multi-tasking). For real -- takes three times longer to prep an online class, in case anyone was wondering. A lot of great stuff in here, as well as quite a bit I didn't recognize. Track 01 - Can only assume this Abdul-Malik, again. Sounds like it, but it’s been awhile since I’ve dusted these sides off. Wait… now that sounds like Ricky Ford. And… somebody else. I was looking for J-Griff, because that’s who I remember on the album. [2nd Listen] Oh, for crissake. That’s Golson. I forget which tune, but it’s defititely AA-M. I’m more familiar with these sides than the other stuff that’s been showing up on the recent tests (and I need to fix that by getting that other stuff). Good set starter. Track 02 - A post-Coltrane guy — could well be Bergonzi. The lines feel over-practiced to me. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with this, just seems to be missing a little attitude/purpose (and it’s in 3, so that’s usually an automatic win for me. I want to like this more than I do. Could be later Bobby — seems like his later work always sounds very different to me in terms of the sound of the instrument. Bass seems very prominent in the mix — perhaps the bassist’s record? [2nd Listen] Not Bobby. Not Gonz, either. A little too bouncy in the articulation. Right era, wrong guy. Track 03 - Anne Murray? Sadly, I only know John Valby’s lyrics, so this one takes me to a different place. It’s a very strong rendition — better than the original would lead one to believe it worthy of. Two guitarists, neither of whom is particularly familiar to me. Definite flamenco experience for the second one. This is a nice treatment of a tune in a genre that one would not necessarily expect. Well done. Track 04 - CURTIS! Absolutely LOVE this record. What a discovery when I happened across it. Love the whole set. Ray Crawford is outSTANDING on this. I mean, really, what’s not to love? First track on the B-side of this.[] Track 05 - All The Things You Are, but I can’t place who buy. I like it, but want to like it more. There are moments where it feels like it should fire during the alto solo, but it becomes almost pedantic. The keyboard, which I can only assume is a clavinova… just no. The phrasing could nearlly be Phineas at points, or the Amazing Hassan. I don’t know this. I mostly like the alto, mostly dislike the keys. Almost sounded like a harpsicord, at first, and I was excited, because I remember my father playing me a record with harsicord as a kid. Of course, I can’t remember what that was, but I don’t think that’s what I’m hearing here. Track 06 - Welp, that’s Ron Carter, for sure. Not 100% sure on the turmpet — could be Nat. Ah… J. Griff fools no one. Doubling down and guessing Nat, because that sure sounds like Roy McCurdy’s gallop. Not sure the record. Nice music from the period (sounds like it’s a late-70s date). Track 07 - I love Rhodes, but this is a bit too Rhodesy even for me. Some strange crossover. Almost has a Steely Dan vibe to it, only more commercial. It’s interesting, but can’t say I love it. Track 08 - Richard Carpenter! What the hell happened to this song? I’m shocked by the number of young (under 40) musicians I’ve met who do NOT know this song. Such a great tune — especially in the neighborhood of this tempo (sorry, Miles). This is Q’s version with Lucky being the badass he be. It’s the opener on this []. Lucky was one bad MF. Track 09 - Emily! Another song not covered enough outside of certain circles. Something openly identifiable about that pianist, but I can’t quite get the net around it. Thanks for the quick pull-together, Dmitry!
  2. Blindfold Test Master Signup Thread

    Patience -- hectic times. Thread will be coming soon. My apologies.
  3. BFT 205 Download and discuss

    Randy, WOW! Upside: this test is in my wheelhouse. Downside: unable to listen completely because I’m pressed for time (gotta teach a class in 30 minutes) I WILL be returning to this for a full listen. Outstanding complilation, Randy! WARNING!!! SPOILERS! Track 05 caught my attention when I was checking the files. That drum count-of is unmistakable and I decided my class prep could wait and did the test. I'll be going back to reckon with track 10. I KNOW that on my shelves. Track 01 - Has a Von Freeman feel from the outset. Oh! No, it’s Karin Krog with Shepp (THE MASTER!). This and the record with Marsh are must haves for any Jazz guy. Obviously Mal Waldron’s Soul Eyes. SUCH a great period for Shepp! Track 02 - Hehe… this guy is staring at my from the table next to my chair right now. You’ve Changed from this. Awhile back, someone posted a semi-parody version of this tune where the woman catches her man in her dress. I can’t unhear it whenever I hear the song, now. Nothing funny about this version, though. Track 03 - Ekaya! I believe it’s this version. You’re killin’ it, man! Absolutely the most optomistic composer I’ve ever heard. LOVE his writing. Track 04 - Joe, Lazy Afternoon. This is from Pete LaRoca’s record. You’re giving Felser a run for his money for my favorite BFTs of all time. Track 05 - Here’d that count off and knew this one when I was testing the files. LOVE this. The understated circular breathing of Marcus Belgrave really makes this special. SUCH a great feel. Shame so few realize what a force Tapscott was. I have many versions of this, but this is the pride of the collection. A young Abraham Burton on alto on this, as well. Title track from this. Track 06 - Quirky version of Warm Valley. Not sure who it is. At first, I was thinking Khan Jamal, but it’s not him. Not sure it’s a total hit, but I think it’s one I’m going to need to listen to multiple times to be sure (a sign that it will win me over). Track 07 - WHOA! My childhood! This record has always bugged me. Parts of it just don’t click, other parts (like this tune) really hit. Based on the personnel, it should be an epic dessert island collection. This tune was really the standout. My dad used to torture young me (who only wanted to hear George Harrison) by blasting this. Eventually, I bought his copy from him. It’s this. Track 08 - Not sure who’s singing, but man, Cal done did her wrong. I don’t think I know the singer, but the bass sounds familiar. Nice brush work. Track 09 - Sunny! (it isn’t) The instant thought is Wes, but it’s not him. This is the version that inspired me to learn this tune. This guy was a huge discovery to me because he just wasn’t in the collection (excepting Children of Forever) in the formative years. Set closer from this. Sherman Ferguson is killin’ it on this. Track 10 - I recognize this, but can’t pull it from the brain. Those chord extensions feel like Cecil, but I”m getting more of a Jaki Byard/Dave Burrell feel from the solo. Sure sounds like Tyrone Washington’s tenor. If forced to guess, I’m feeling Grachan Moncur on bone. Gotta hope I get this later in the month. Track 11 - Gotta be OP. Yeah, there’s that grunt. Forget the name of the tune. I know he’s a devisive figure in some circles, but godDAMN could that man play! Track 12 - Yeah! Man, another forgotten writer. Max is cookin’ on this. Track 13 - Well, THERE’s Cecil. Not sure of what. Too much of this guy’s stuff gets ignored because of reputation among the Jazz Neo-cons. From this. Once again, sorry for everything going nuts -- still don't know what happened or why. Worth the work on this one!
  4. BFT 205 Download and discuss

    Just a heads up -- no gag here. I was able to DL the files from Randy's link and get the page working, so if you want to be lazy, the regular player/DL is now working. Mea Culpa -- March got away from my quick, and then - naturally - everything went sideways.
  5. can you confirm receipt of readable zip containing 01.mp3 through 13.mp3?  


  6. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    Had to go back and listen, because I had no idea what I meant, either. Not sure what the hell I was typing, but I was aiming for Danish Radio Big Band. #egad
  7. BFT 204 - C'mon Vince, Play Your Vibes!

    Apologies, Jim. I did this a couple of weeks back and never posted it (been that kinda spring!). I had nothing on this one. Some stuff resonated, some didn't, but I don't think I had one guess. Track 01 - No idea what to say. Certainly unique, but having trouble getting my head around it. It’s interesting, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it. Track 02 - Early on has the feel of Dizzy, but seems to discover that playing like Dizzy is impossible. My guess is European musicians playing the style. Don’t get me wrong, I could listen to this all day long. LOVE that burly tenor. Pretty clear these musicians are enjoying what they’re doing immensely. They’re not focused on technique, just kind of riding the wave. And it works — Boy Howdy it works! I mean, clearly the skill is there, but this is about the music not the skills. Huh… or IS it Dizzy? Track 03 - Yes, please. No idea, but I’ll take a whole lot of this with more on the side. Track 04 - Absofreakinlutely. No idea who or what, but I want more. Track 05 - Be right back — gotta go grab my polyester pants. The genre is a nostalgic thing, but not one I gravitate towards. Did enjoy the tasteful vibes solo, but no idea what I’m listening to. Track 06 - Girl Talk by Neil Hefti. No idea who by. Reminds me of the DNR stuff, but I don’t think that’s it. One of my favorite Hefti tunes. Track 07 - No idea. Sound reminded of the Tapscott Session recordings. Track 08 - Feel like I’m listening to This American Life (not a bad thing). It’s interesting, but again, not sure how many times I’d go back to it. I like the idea of using the voices behind the music, and it definitely creates a mood, but I kind of feel like it’s been done.
  8. BFT 203 Available For Download

    Fact. Tried to play Ursula on a gig once with Tim Webb. Love the song, but... MAN! My Dad was in the audience and said, "that's the second-best version of that song I've ever heard" Tim: "How many have you heard?" Dad: "Just the original and that one."
  9. BFT 203 Available For Download

    Finally getting to this, Ken. Sorry about the delay -- I *REALLY* need to retire. Track 01 - Not my genre, admittedly, but this sounds as if the tempo is beyond the comfort level of the player (the time is a little hitchy). My guess is a modern player playing in the style. It’s interesting, but seems to just miss the mark by a bit to my ear. Track 02 - Billie’s Bounce by a bouncy guitarist. Maybe Doug Raney? Track 03 - Variation on a theme, here. I always think Sonny Rollins when I hear a song with this feel — which is very Don’t Stop The Carnival to my ear. Tenor out of the Joe school. This has that late 80s/early 90s feel to me. Lots of amp effects on the guitar, lots of progression in the recording. Tenor could well be Joe, but not on his top day. If not, the guy owes Joe and Sonny lunch. I’m going to guess it IS Joe, circa mid-late 80s. Thinking drummer’s record, but it’s so much a “jazz” guy. Can’t think of the guy’s name, but he was on the cover of Downbeat in the late 80s. Hey wait! There’s a volume button here. /eyes roll/ Questioning the Joe call, but can’t think of anyone who has his lines down this well. I’ll stick with Joe. Liking it better with the volume up. Don’t think it’s Scofield on guitar, but it could be. Track 04 - Definitely a band I don’t know. This is a whole chunk of the genre I’m ill-informed on. Basically, the soprano in the sax section, excepting The Jazz Orchestra, is usually a sign it’s somebody I don’t know in this context. Soprano could be anybody — literally anyone from Bob Wilbur to Jeff Coffin. Has that polish that leaves me not caring a whole lot. Impressive musicianship, but sing me a song, bro. Trumpeter sounds like an older player. I know Clark Terry does the two-handed, two-horns thing, but it doesn’t sound like him to me. Track 05 - Nice, Mal Waldron density to those opening chords. The darkness makes me happy. Not Mal, though. Yesterdays, but by the time the theme is stated, it’s kind of lost me. It felt like it was going somewhere, but this was not what I was hearing. No guesses. Track 06 - Along Came Betty. Interesting arrangment. Something about the stomping is turning me off. Otherwise, I like this. Yeah. That’s really killing it for me. Just seems… forced. Track 07 - Reminds me of something that was on a recent(ish) BFT. That cut was, I believe, Paul Horn. This is trying to be a lot of things, most of them very successfully. Polite enough to be a movie/tv soundtrack, but interesting enough to be enjoyable. That trumpet player really enjoyed his Miles recordings. REALLY enjoyed them. This works in the way the … wait… all bets are off. Phil Woods. That’s Trane, so it IS Miles. (Second listen) Oh, for f***’s sake. Opening track from this. Clearly off my game, here. To finish the truncated thought, I was leaning towards the Danish Radio Big Band. Track 08 - Standards I know but not by name. Cussed iPod syndrome. Totally unfamiliar with this brass-heavy arrangment. It works, though. I want to guess someone like Dave Stryker but it seems older than that. Could be Kenny Burrell from that period of his that I am not familiar with (CTI forward). Track 09 - Yeah. Singing the song along with it, but you think I can remember the f***in’ title? Egad, getting old sucks. Mind is saying Pettiford, but can’t recall the title for the life of me. GAH! Track 10 - What’s New. Man, LOVE that tone and that breath. Got a little Giuffre in there, a little Getz… touch of Zoot. I know this guy. That’s Tommy Flanagan on piano — those voicings… so warm. Nice brush work — telling the story. OH! That’s Bobby Jaspar! Now WONDER those brushes were speaking to me. It’s from this. PERFECT use of vibrato. Track 11 - Oh, hello, bass hook. Ray Nance. Okay, BFT, you don’t get me this time — that’s gotta be Abdul-Malik. And it is. From this. Been reading William Parker’s Conversations, and there’s a great one with Walter Perkins. Two names I wouldn’t have associated prior to reading it. Is it possible Ray Nance was the most soulful person to ever walk the planet? I think so. Track 12 - Song is super familiar, but I’m thinking it’s just based on something I know. Ah… I’m thinking of the tune Curtain Call. It’s not that, but could be based on it. I don’t know these guys. Track 13 - Well, there’s Billy Higgins. And Harold Land, older. Thinking this is one of those Playboy Jazz Festival bills. And There’s Bobby. That’s Cedar behind him. Curtis Fuller. So, I was close, it’s this. Track 2. Always loved Land, but never fully appreciated how great he was until I tried to play some of those Hutcherson/Land tunes. Harold was a baaaaaaaaad man. Track 14 - You’d be so nice to come home to… even if you were listening to stringed instruments around a camp fire. Something to Shout About! Actually, I would LOVE to be around this campfire. (Tried to light one this afternoon, but the wind would not cooperate. I smell like smoke and if I close my eyes, this is the greatest drumless drum circle ever!) No clue who it is. Track 15 - Two pianists. No idea who they are, what it is, or if I like it. I know I’m not currently in this headspace and it’s stressing the f*** out of me. Gotta be newer because there are elements of Pullen, but it’s too clean. Not something I can play for the wife — she’d snap. Track 16 - More Yesterdays. Feels like I’m living in the past, here. Very facile pianist. No guess. Track 17 - Guessing this is the same as Track 14. Snowfall. Thankfully, nothing but sunlight today. It’s an odd crossover of folkish and traditional Jazz. Not sure where I am on it. Again, could make for the coolest camp fire ever, but for sitting and listening, I’m uncertain. I had nothing for much of this, but had a sweet spot. I can't ask for more in a BFT!
  10. BFT 202 Reveal

    Hey man! I got a chuckle out of that one. I was gettin' my Joe on.
  11. BFT 202 Discussion

    Decades ago, I recall reading a Downbeat BFT with saxophonist Bill Evans. The fifth track was from pianist Bill Evans' album Quintessence. I forget which cut they played, but he really ripped it. Described it as leaving him feeling really cold and he didn't like it at all. If you look at the personnel on that album, you'd expect it to be the album of the decade (Evans, Harold Land, Kenny Burrell). I've never liked it. I've listened and found it "ok" if I was in the mood, but really, it's a miss for me. Evans (the saxophonist) was borderline apologetic for his comments after the reveal. I didn't think he should have been. I've heard Charlie Parker records I didn't like. Ellington had some clunkers. Coltrane? Absolutely. One of the great joys of the BFT is it forces you to listen blindly. When you post your one-off responses, this can happen. It's all good. If you ask, I'll tell you I love Sam Rivers (and I do), but frequently, his cuts in the BFT leave me wanting. It is what it is. Now, WHAT IS THAT LAST TRACK!?!?!?!? Editorial note: Perhaps I'll include a cut from Aunt Angele in my next BFT. She was self taught and every song sounded exactly the same, but 9 times out of ten, you could guess the song. It was weird. One thing it had, she conveyed the joy playing music gave her. That's one thing missing from MANY pro musicians, IMHO.
  12. BFT 202 Discussion

    Hey man, sorry I'm late to the game. End of the semester and I'm ragged. A lotta hits, a few misses. Next-to-last track on this is a KILLER! Track 01 - A little too honky tonky for my taste. This occupies that odd bridge between Funky Jazz and Rock-and-Roll that I just can never seem to get myself to agree with. Track 02 - And this is closer to the first part of that situation I described above. Sort of has that Don Pullen meets Cosby feel. I like this, even if it’s a little Magione in its overall feel. Loses enough in the trumpet solo, this could actually be Chuck. Still like the overall feel. Be nice if the reverb on the horns matched, but in general, I enjoy this. Track 03 - Nice, straight ahead, somewhat modern with the funk A-section. Maybe Bobby Shew? Track 04 - The open chords say Harold Mabern, but the rhythmic patterns say otherwise. Track 05 - Another straight-ahead feel with a touch of out? A lot familiar about that alto, and yet no guess. Nothing wrong with this one. It’s not coming to a desert island with me, but I could listen to this all day without issue. Could that be Gene on piano? (I mean, I HAVE to guess him once on your test!) Track 06 - That’s gotta be Ricky Ford, doesn’t it? Almost seems more Ricky than Ricky. Like a touch of Arnett Cobb. I’m going to hate myself a long time for not getting this one. Track 07 - The alto is all over it. That putrid bass has to go. This is the sound that kept me from being a bigger Maceo fan. Rhythm section sounds like my Aunt Angele’s organ. I don’t mean that to be flattering. Track 08 - Very few songs, by very few people, should be played at this tempo, and execution is pivotal. This one misses. Track 09 - Now this one hits on all counts. Definitely derivative of some things I’m more familiar with, but this has some Billy Harper touches in that melody, and it has the feel of Lee Morgan’s last band. Not Billy… could be Bennie Maupin. Not Lee, but somebody from the camp. Break my heart and tell me this is a band from Japan I’ve never heard of. Track 10 - Nice version of Willow Weep For Me, but not getting a definite sense of the ID. Not someone I’m overly familiar with, but a good version of the tune. Track 11 - My gut says Von Freeman. Oddly, I’ve got a different version of this tune by Von that is completely different. Tone seems a bit more spread than Von’s, though. Trying to think of a Chicago guy with a beastly tone like that. Could be Ari, but doesn’t sound close enough to Sheep and I’m not hearing any of the trademark Ari lines. Almost a Don Byas edge to that tenor. Makes me wonder if this could be a Billy Mitchell thing I’ve somehow missed. Track 12 - More Willow, seemingly from the same date. Maybe Red Holloway? Okay, that HAS to be Gene, doesn’t it? Track 13 - 100% here for this. Heard a lot of forgettable takes on this song. This is NOT that. Locked directly in. I need more of this. 5:44 “Harrgh!” YEAH! Tenor is a monster. Trumpet is not giving that vibe, but is definitely a respectable pro. I’m not as excited as the dude in the audience, but man, this track is killin’! It’s the tenor’s feature, but I’ll take seconds on this one. Drummer is all OVER it. Guessing this is not a commercial release. Track 14 - Alls I’ll say is I felt like I was being watched. It’s good to know a guy. Man! Whatever else I walk away from this test feeling, Track 13 is an absolute bitch!
  13. BFT 201 Reveal

    Very upset at some of what I missed, here. In fact, at least four that I missed are IN MY COLLECTION! Damned situation has eliminated my commuter listening time... need to address that.
  14. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Yes. Tragedy of my job taking so much of my time that I'm only able to scan the posts. I'll pipe down and wait for the reveal!
  15. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Actually woke up Saturday morning and transcribed it. Just had to. Inherited, all of it. Conrad-Johnson amp/pre that belonged to my late uncle. A pair of Alison III speakers my Dad parted with. The CD player is the only thing NOT inherited, purchased second hand -- a Tascam that will play the iPod, as well. Shame on me for not bagging Criss. I'll let myself off for missing Chico Freeman b/c of the terrible sound (damned engineers), but... Meh.