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  1. Welcome to BFT208!

    Yessah! This, obviously, is a digitized copy.
  2. Welcome to BFT208!

    Randy's post sheds some pretty serious light.
  3. Welcome to BFT208!

    No, but a much closer neighborhood. This guy is far less known than Joe, Bennie, et al. To be clear, it is the BASSIST who appears elsewhere. Although, on second check, the saxophonist ALSO makes multiple appearances.
  4. Welcome to BFT208!

    No, sir. Not Joe. Later. It is not. I suppose, the misfires are a clue of their own on this one.
  5. Welcome to BFT208!

    Nay. At the risk of putting some off, I would list this player as more serious. He also appears elsewhere on this test. Correct, sir! Nyet
  6. Welcome to BFT208!

    Nope. I'd say lesser known, but I'd rank this guy ahead of Sonny (most likely would not agree).
  7. Welcome to BFT208!

    Methinks Felser should nail that one.
  8. Welcome to BFT208!

    Yeah, I've hit the online resources hard. I reached out to James directly, but he's a busy dude. I may try the DJ who originally played it.
  9. Welcome to BFT208!

    Alrighty, we're about at the three week mark and James Carter was ID'd as the conrabass clarinetist. The song is called "Children's Blues" and here is the personnel: Donald Washington - clarinet, James Carter - contra bass clarinet, Cassius Richmond - alto flute, Faye Washington - flute, Sam Favors - piano, Jeff Bailey - bass, Kevin Washington - drums Donald Washington was announced as the leader.
  10. Welcome to BFT208!

    well, if I do that it gives away what it is. I'd prefer to hold off a week or so.
  11. Welcome to BFT208!

    Quite, quite.
  12. Welcome to BFT208!

    You WON'T find any record that is obvious. This was recorded off the radio about 20 years ago. I have the track personnel, but not the album name. I've reached out to James for some assistance. He was gracious and asked me to share the file with him, which I did, but I have not heard back, yet. It is NOT his date, so there is still lot's to discuss here.
  13. Welcome to BFT208!

    I hope so, because that IS the correct guess. It's also an important piece of the puzzle.
  14. Welcome to BFT208!

    Let's just say this guy has definitely strolled through Mr. Bluiett's neighborhood.