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  1. Great Finds

    First car boot sale of 2021 yesterday, found a couple of decent (great might be a stretch) things: Benny Carter - Jazz Giant (Vogue issue) for 50p (!) Chet Baker - Swings Pretty, and George Wallington - Live at the Cafe Bohemia for £2 each
  2. Great Finds

    Not really loving it, I must say
  3. Great Finds

    Ha ha, it was the only jazz LP in the box, unless you count Deodato, and Roberta Flack, presented by Les McCann (I also bought those). I was all set to pay £1 each, but he let me have the 4 LPs I chose for £3.
  4. Great Finds

    First car boot sale of the year today, and bought a copy Kenneth Terroade's "Love Rejoice" for 75p. I had never heard of Kenneth or any of the other players, so figured it would be free jazz - I can see that it is. As ever, surprised to find something so out at an English car boot sale.
  5. Favorite Organissimo Posts Through The Years

    A couple of threads by (I think) Clem or Moms Mobley stick in my memory, but they may have been taken down. They were savage polemics, one about Kenny Burrell, the other was Paul Simon. Plus one where Cliff Englewood fell out with Allen Lowe, I think Allen uses a line from that exchange on his sig Finally - I think it was a thread titled "Rejected Blue Note Album titles", and someone came up with "That's Where It Is" by Stanley Turrentine. Sorry, can't find the thread so can't credit the poster
  6. Ahmad Jamal

    Oh my gosh, you're right again! I actually wondered if I'd heard it by the Clarke-Boland band. I can see it wasn't but there are at least 2 of them in that clip (I only recognise Ronnie Scott and Johnny Griffin)
  7. Ahmad Jamal

    Yes yes yes. So much for the horn section in my head.... Thank you!
  8. Ahmad Jamal

    Thanks, but I don't think it is.
  9. Ahmad Jamal

    More serendipity (see Ghost's post above). I acquired the "Poinciana Revisited" LP just last week. The track "Lament" quotes a tune at 5.22, and it's really bugging me to know what it is. I hear it in my head played by a horn section. Can someone please help me out? Just 2 bars (or is it one bar of 6/8?) kind of jammed in there, then it moves on.
  10. Happy Birthday BillF!

    Happy birthday Bill
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Expecting another thumbs up from Bill....
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I just won this in a small lot for £6.99 on Ebay. It's not in the best shape, but playing it now and it sounds good enough.
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I love that tune, the ensemble voicings give me the shivers. Henderson rules
  14. I did love the bit between Horace Silver and Benny Golson, where Benny dreamed a beautiful melody, got up in the night specially to write it down, only to find the next morning it was the verse to Stardust.
  15. Just watched the film again, took me back (only to 1994 like, but you get what I mean).