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  1. contacted Michael C bout this potential set years ago - he didn't appear that enthusiastic IIRC
  2. Teddy Charles

    never knew Art & Addison were twins
  3. Teddy Charles

    great pic!! - looks like there are two Art Farmers present - who is that just to the left of Mal Waldron?
  4. Teddy Charles

    you mean a proper or "Proper" box?
  5. Erich Kleinschuster - ORF 1968-1971

    just saw these sets on Jazz Messengers - ordered directly from the Wallen Bink site What a lineup: Tolliver, Nathan D, Henderson, Farmer, Carmell......
  6. Forthcoming from Mosaic: JATP, Sonny Clark

    Yep, I have many of those but would welcome a digital (CD) set I've got the more simplified, much less ornate (& cheaper) european version
  7. exact opposite for us here in Australia - what a total stuff up - hope they cut ties with Asendia
  8. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Yep, one of my friends south received his today - already listened to two discs
  9. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    same here my Asendia is saying Australia (Sydney) for Aug 18 while the DAI has it in the states for 17/8 - how can that be - Concorde postal service!!
  10. British jazz reissues

    Yes, I've got a number of releases piled up for me & just waiting on the latest Harriott vinyl release (delayed) to add to the haul Also the Rhythm & Blues label is releasing a Harriott at the BBC (3 sessions) CD - maybe this has already been mentioned The Amalgam release "Prayer For Peace" is a stunner. Have you heard of the UK label "Hi4Head" - I bought a couple Watts/Amalgam CDs from them - rereleases from the Ogun catalogue (Closer to You & Cynosure) with unreleased material from the same sessions
  11. Olivia has died.

    huge amount of coverage in Australia today - she's an icon here especially wrt her extramusical pursuits - established a cancer clinic here in 2014 She was actually born in the UK then returned in the late 60s to record her early "country orientated" material. RIP Olivia
  12. Giorgio Gaslini, R.I.P.

    currently listening to La Notte - it's included in the 8CD set "Jazz on Film - The New Wave II"
  13. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    I've successfully extracted most of the bonus info IICRC from the disc - it won't play by just inserting, as you know Mainly the dialogue - RVG & other BN musicians discussing JC & the album
  14. Gil Melle

    many thanks for the link Joe - what a wonderful site ordered the Melle (3 LPs on 2 CDs), Kirchin (Worlds Within Worlds, Vols 1 & 2 - both LPs on one CD) & Fischer sets Looks like Keith Fullerton Whitman recently lived here in Australia for a while
  15. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I did contact Fred a few days ago & spoke of the shipping "fiasco" & he totally agreed. He contacted Asendia for me & next day I received a functioning link with a different tracking #