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  1. LF Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CD

    #18 hasn't been released yet Discogs is way behind with its LAJI releases - only up to Vol. 5 Here's the cover to LAJI 17 - my favourite release so far even has one track (prev unrel alt take) from the Marsh/Pepper Contemporary session from Nov 56
  2. CD Japan will eventually get the releases - they're carrying the two previous Freedom batch releases from last year - The Roling covers batch is #3 That's where I'll be sourcing them Yep!!
  3. LF Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CD

    need to add Vol 17 (my favourtie from the series followed closely by the two Rendezvous Ballroom with Wardell Gray releases) ie Warne Marsh/Lee Konitz/Ronnie Ball/Ted Brown/Jeff Morton - "Coolin' Off In California - The Tristano-ites Invade Hollywood" The vast majority of the titles from these sets have never been previously released (LP or CD)
  4. Recent research Teddy Charles, Chet Baker, etc.

    great read!! Thanks again for the wonderful detective work James The history of the 1953 Carlton Theatre (LA) concert (first live performance of the Chet Baker Quartet) is fascinating as the currently recorded date is erroneous (should be August 17, not August 12) plus there were other bands/musicians present & all of it recorded (cept for a portion of the first song of the concert). Bob Sunenblick purchased the tapes (not the Chet Baker Quartet, this was bought by Blue Note & released). So Uptown has the remainder of the music from this historic concert - wonder if it will ever get a release - actually, will anything more be released now that Bob has passed. Cecil set-up his tape deck backstage at the Carlton Theater on August 17, 1953. The Carlton Theatre at 5409 S. Western Avenue was a 1,200-seat Fox West Coast Theatres movie house. It was opened in May 1924 and closed in the late-1950’s. It had been demolished by 1972. When Mark Anthony rented the theater to present his “Program of Modern Jazz” it had long ceased to present motion pictures and had been advertised for sale in the classified section of newspapers. The concert got underway before Cecil had completed his set-up and microphones. The first number performed, Shorty Rogers’ “Popo” featured Teddy Charles, Jimmy Giuffre, Shorty Rogers, Chet Baker, Howard Roberts, Russ Freeman, Curtis Counce, and Shelly Manne. Cecil’s recording missed the opening of “Popo.” Teddy Charles Quartet with Howard Roberts, Curtis Counce, and Shelly Manne performed the next portion of the concert – “So Long Broadway,” “Out of Nowhere,” “Just One of Those Things,” “Curtis Counce,” “Violetta,” and “Cherokee.” The Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman, Carson Smith, and Larry Bunker performed – “All the Things You Are,” “Isn’t It Romantic?” “Maid in Mexico,” “My Funny Valentine,” and “This Time the Dream’s On Me.” This portion of the concert was sold to Blue Note Records and released as the first volume of the Chet Baker Live series. Shorty Rogers with Jimmy Giuffre, Russ Freeman, Curtis Counce, and Shelly Manne performed – “La Soncailli,” “Apropos,” “I Only Have Eyes For You,” “Beau Boy,” and “Luau.” Bob Sunenblick of Uptown Records purchased the Teddy Charles and Shorty Rogers tape of the concert. The notes scribbled on the back of the Scotch tape carton were illegible and mistakenly interpreted as August 12, 1953, the date used on the CD release and subsequently in Tom Lord’s Jazz Discography. The Carlton Theater concert was not advertised in newspapers and I only become aware of the actual date when Mark Anthony Traversino contacted me twenty years ago. I had mentioned the concert online and received an email out of the blue from Mark. He had saved the handbill used to advertise the concert. During our email exchanges he shared his background growing up in Los Angeles. He said that he regretted not using his full name on the handbill.
  5. The International Phonograph Inc 2011 edition is the definitive CD version IMHO
  6. Lost in Translation!! Paul Bray Ted Carson John Chikai Dave Barrel Julius Henfil Same here - I checked CD Japan & HMV Japan last night & no mention on either site - from my experience CD Japan tends to lag with certain releases - they just suddenly appear on the day of release I would really go for (akin to the Mosaic wish list) a box set (CD &/or vinyl) of the complete Roling covers - they are my no 1 fav jazz LP covers - i'm sure it will eventually happen
  7. Interesting read Never noticed on the cover of Page One the omission of McCoy Tyner (indicated by etc) due to his concurrent contract with Impulse This live broadcast (Flamboyans, Uptown Jazz), three months prior to the Una Mas session is our first recorded/available introduction to the KD/JH pairing
  8. I have both versions (twofer & SHMs) of the State...... & agree that the SHMs are superb
  9. I think there are three alternates new to this box - two from Page One ("La Mesha" & "Homestretch") plus one from Our Thing ("Our Thing") - none of these were released in the SHM series
  10. So, Addey will be re-tweaking the Japanese SHM versions/masters from the mid last decade?
  11. Randy Weston favorites

    Yep!! what a bonus, especially on the 25 minute version of African Cookbook Another great BE performance that has been on replay at my place is the 27min track "Blues For You" on the Lamemt For Booker Ervin Enja LP/CD
  12. Randy Weston favorites

    Currently on repeat listening of "Monterey '66" - spectacular live recording with lots of solo spaces - one of Randy's best lineups What do people generally think of his so called "commercial" U/A release "Destry Rides again" - it was omitted from the Mosaic Select at Randy's request I don't think it sounds that bad - managed to pick up a Japanese TOCJ CD release of it
  13. Blakey 1965 - The New Jazz Men - Vinyl Only

    I think Sam records has a thing for Nathan Davis - quite a few of their releases have him as leader or sideman The jazz icons DVD will be enough for me. Don't need it duplicated with vinyl.
  14. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    I have that same live recording (Paris) on a Jazz Icons DVD (4th box set) - just watched both versions & they are identical. The DVD lists the recording date as Nov 3, 1965 while the RTBF site uses the date of March 16, 1968. I'd say the 65 date is correct - also supported by the Lord Discography that lists the recent French Sam label release of the same concert on a LP only (Art Blakey & The New Jazzmen - Paris '65) set using the Nov 65 date.
  15. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    what a find!!! Just watched the complete performance - film/video quality is superb what a lineup - Curson, Nathan Davis (great to see him but only flute), Pony, Booker (Ervin), Drew, Woode & Bateman