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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I remember "Impressions" from 1978, that was about the time. But my personal contacts to Fritz Novotny were mostly from 1982-85. I saw the RAU live in 1985 at Hollabrunn Festival. And I heard his tapes mostly at his place, especially the encounter with Burton Green. I don´t remember the place, it was in the fancy first district of Vienna, there were some places where the performed "Alte Schmiede" where I have been, or Café Brückl I think.... The tape with Burton Green was very fine. Burton played Novotny´s Pannonian flower with very much feeling, and then called "Crepuscule with Nellie". It´s 40 years ago and Fritz Novotny died few years ago. He also had a weekly radio show presenting avantgarde, stuff like Archie Shepp, Clifford Thornton, Bill Dixon and many others, and his own stuff. It was on Ö1 I think, while the more straight ahead radio-shows "Jazz-Shop (Herwig Wurzer) and "Vokal Instrumental International" (Walter Richard Langer) were on Ö3.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes that´s better. As you say, in january 1983 I saw the whole band, it was a bill of Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin and Woody Shaw (not together, each with his own band), and Woody was the highlight of the evening. Fantastic, and a great leader also and very articulate towards the audience, presenting the group, announcing the tunes and everything. His drummer Tony Reedus was fantastic !!!! The "Paris All Stars" I think was the "Paris Reunion".
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I also love bop, hardbop, modal, free and rock-jazz, so it´s really a large span. But the way how I got acquainted to so called "free jazz" or "New Thing" was more in the chronological manner. It was through Mingus´ band from 1964 that I became very very interested in Eric Dolphy and the next thing was to get as much as I could of Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, late Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler etc etc. So I think my tastes for Free Jazz and further developements like "Prime Time" is exclusivly based on the american side of it. Though I´m European, I can understand american music better and if I listen to a free playing guy from let´s say those I mentioned, and some others of course, I can hear where they come from, I can hear their story and can dig their music, maybe not every day, but sometimes for an entire week, especially in the colder season, when evenings are long and I can sit down, close my eyes and really LISTEN and figure out what they doin, where they comin from and where they will go further..... I have really difficulties with European Free Music, at least with very much of it, it doesn´t really touch me and it doesn´t tell me the stories I hear in American Free Jazz. Maybe with one exception, and that would be Austrian Free Music Pioneer Fritz Novotny ("Reform Art Unit"). I was lucky there were periods I saw him almost every day and we discussed music, he explained me what he does, and we´d go to his place, he played "Let´s Freedom Ring", "Old and New Gospels" and other things to show me what music impressed him, and than we´d listen to his latest album "Pannonian Flower", really a master piece, and his encounter with Burton Green. Well, Pannonian Flower is influenced from places I come from, so I really can dig what he created here.... He even wanted to try me out for his projects, but I had to decline. If I was a horn player maybe I would have found a way into it, but not as a piano player. Anyway, for "New Thing" I prefer it without piano, and Cecil Taylor only with the Unit.......
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Very interesting to discuss ! I saw the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band and it was the greatest Big Band Experience I ever had. Then, in March 1980 we had a 3 Days Jazz Festival in Vienna with fantastic players (Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker , Sam Rivers, Johnny Griffin, McCoy Tyner, Sun Ra, Max Roach and the Mel Lewis Big Band after Thad Jones had left). I was really lookin forward to hear the Mel Lewis Big Band since Mel was a fantastic musician and really cooked. The Band startet with two really fine selections that reminded me of the days with Thad Jones, but then...... Mel announced Bob Brookmeyer . I don´t want to offend guys who like Bob Brookmeyer, but from that point on, the performance was a big disappointment, not only for me, but for all the guys I knew and saw too. There was nothing happening. Later I read the great book "Sounds" from Max Bolleman (studio in Monster, Netherlands, Timeless Records etc.) and he tells the story about a session with Bob Brookmeyer: Brookmeyer told from the start on that in no way it should "swing". When some of the musicians, who maybe were bored, started to swing or groove a little, Brookmeyer interrupted the proceedings saying that "it´s going into the wrong direction".....well that´s enough for me.... Black Market, of course was really the thing during my youth. We were such a great community at school, the jazz fans listened to fusion also, the fusion fans listend to jazz also, and even the shlager fans would listen to "our music", and we, out of fun, sang and imitated some shlager singers, making money at those kind of weddings in small country villages.... Woody Shaw still could play fantastic on that record, but he had lost his steady group (one of the best things I ever heard....that with Steve Turré , Mulgrew Miller ) . I was shocked when I read the story of Bolleman about this session with the Tone Janșa Quartet. I didn´t know Woody could have been such a mean guy, uncooperative and all, though through a miracle the session turned out to be really great. I was shocked when I saw Woody Shaw in 1987 !!!! It was one of the saddest and most embarrassing evenings I ever saw....
  5. Yes, Atlantic´s demand to add fusion guitarists, and Mingus´ first responded negatively. Nevertheless, on his 1977 tours he used only his core quintet and played material from "Three or Four Shades of Blues" and "Cumbia". But it would have gone further into fusion. We already had the scheduled tour with the fusion guitarists Larry Coryell etc for late Nov. 1977 in some German towns and wanted to travel to Germany (Dortmund I think). It was advertised in "Jazz Podium", and then the big disappointment that it was chancelled. And Atlantic´s next project would have been a meeting of Mingus with co-Atlantic artist Stanley Clark. I think, Mingus again had the same doubts, But it might have been interesting, since Clark really can play everything from straight ahead to funk. I have read in the footnotes of some books, that Mingus did some interviews with Jay Arnold Smith for Downbeat in 1977/78 were he also refers to that project with Stanley Clark, but since I became a DownBeat subscriber only from 1979 on, I really miss that. Maybe anyone can post it here ?????
  6. Okay, from that point of view I understand it. And yeah, the Mingus I saw in 76/77 must have been paid better than ever, and his "Three or Four Shades of Blues" sold very well. So of course, as a person who loves Mingus, I´m glad that he made much money. But as a reading experience, and I have many jazz books, it was strange for me to read it so much into details that I think it might be interesting for an accountant (thank you Big Beat Steve !) . Maybe my own attitude explains this, since I never talk about money to else people than the guys from the autority for financial affairs and taxes. It´s their job, they get paid for it...
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    The last classical music I "heard" was yesterday when I was "forced" to play a piece. We had a visit, and my wife said why don´t you play a little for us all, and I played a few stuff that they might like, "Con Alma" "When I fall in Love", and then my wife says "but can you play a classic piece, any....? I said you are kiddin we married for 25 years and I never played anything other than so called "jazz". But they insisted and so I was in a big dillemma. Then some "Chopin Valse" that I once heard somewhere came to my mind and I played it from ear and thought it´s terrible, because I don´t really know to form classic chords, not speaking about classic touch. The chords sure was not the original Chopin Chords everywhere, it might have sounded a bit "Monkish", but SURPRISE, they said "GEE THAT WAS GREAT". My luck it was not a classic listening audience anyway, the non-jazz lovers go more for "shlager" and stuff.....
  8. you are right, I was not searching for those detail, they stumbled across them all the time... I just read the most part of it and come towards the end. He describes the last European Tour and another strange thing is, he always writes how much money he made (in dollars and cents !!!!!) , how much taxes he paid and so on. As if he was the one who made Mingus´ (don´t know the english word for contabilitate or in german Buchhaltung) financial and tax affairs...., I don´t know if this stuff is interesting for Mingus fans, who want to learn more secrets about his music and so....
  9. Mingus live after "Changes 1/2" (1976,77)

    Yes, and then I saw the band again, after Danny Mixon was replaced by Bob Neloms. I don´t know the reasons, if there were clashes with Mixon or what was the reason, but Bob Neloms was great. There is a piano solo section in "Cumbia" just before that two-beat stomping with the Mingus rap on "Shortnin´ Bread", and it´s with that spanish tinge and Neloms did that really great, with some quotes of spanish flamenco music to the delight of the spanish audience that summer 1977, and he did some great stride on "Noddin´ya Head Blues" . Really a great choice of Mingus.
  10. Miles Davis - Merci, Miles! Live at Vienne

    It was much better than some bands before from the mid 80´s . Then, they had two keyboard players, almost non existent sax players and so on. His last band was a smaller band. Nobody would have thought that it was near the end. Miles looked like ever since his comeback, maybe that his hair should have been otherwise. I don´t know who was his stylist, but they made a comic figure out of him. I love normal kinky afro like Miles had it in the 70´s and Mingus had it in the 70´s , but the later Miles looked like a poodle and had too wide trousers, which made him look shorter.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I love the Jack Johnson stuff, wonderful music. And the cover here is really fitting to the music and the times. But exactly this cover was on a Prestige Double Album from the late 70´s , which featured the sessions from 1953-54 (you know, cut from the original albums "Miles and Horns" "Walking", "Blue Haze") and then I thought if they were crazy, how can they use for an album of early 50´s Miles a photo of Miles from the 70´s ?????
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    One of my favourites from Horace Parlan. It came out the same time I saw him live. Me and my then girlfried set in the front row and at some point Horace Parlan spotted us and said with a sly grin "the next tune is "Like Someone in Love" ..... Very great trio here, I saw Jesper Lundgard first with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Bigband..... Danny Richmond of course many many times, he is one of my favourites. I love that trio, since it´s not like other trios, it really works together and you can HEAR the drummer, which is most important for me. When I saw Horace Parlan, his bassist was Isla Eckinger, another very very fine european bassist from Elvetia, and maybe Fritz Ozmec on drums....
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I mean, 3 Viennese fans here and as it seems, the same musical tastes, we might meet together some time....
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    "Black Saint" ? I´m here for several years but can´t remember ..... I got my Mythic Sound set from Claude Schlouch, and after Paudras´ death another set from Carl Smith