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  1. Happy Birthday Big Wheel!

    Many- Many Happy Returns Of The Day :w :party:
  2. CDs for sale...

    Pm sent for 3 CD'S
  3. Chronological Classics

  4. What to do with broken records

    In my case, they simply become part of recycle bin Semi Acoustic Guitars
  5. New format ?

    I don't feel any change in the layout Semi Acoustic Guitars
  6. organissi-MoTube

    I like these videos, they are just wonderful, thanks for the post Semi Acoustic Guitars
  7. Name Three People...

    Julie Julie Julie I think it rhymes very fine Semi Acoustic Guitars
  8. Anyone ever have this problem!

    I never had any such problem but i do agree with Dan suggestion Semi Acoustic Guitars
  9. new mission

    I do agree with your thoughts Allen so best wishes for your new mission Semi Acoustic Guitars
  10. AOW past and present

    Thanks John for pinning such a huge list Semi Acoustic Guitars
  11. album of this week

    Below is the link of album releases of this week http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/release/ you can check their reviews and buy the one according to your choice Cheap Acoustic Guitars
  12. Fav. sport

    Which is your favorite sport and why? 1. Tennis 2. Football 3. Basketball 4. Baseball 5. Volleyball 6. Cricket 7. Others Post your reply with relavant reason here Cheap Acoustic Guitars
  13. origin of discography

    Discography is the study and listing of sound recordings. This word stems from: 1. the gramophone record, often called a "disc", the dominant commercial medium of sound recording for most of the 20th century A listing of all recordings which a musician or singer features on can be called their "discography". Additionally, discographies may be compiled based on a particular musical genre or record label, etc. The term "discography" was popularized in the 1930s by collectors of jazz records. Jazz fans did research and self published discographies about when jazz records were made and what musicians were on the records, as record companies did not commonly include that information on/with the records at that time. Cheap Acoustic Guitars
  14. hello world

    Hello everybody This is Julie Wells, a new member of this forum and hope to have great experience here Cheap Acoustic Guitars