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  1. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    If memory serves, StereoJack used to open his late night radio program with Stolen Moments. I love the tune.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes, it is. I made the cover myself.
  3. Who did Larry Young play with...

  4. Pet peeves

  5. Sexiest album covers

  6. Record Store Day 2021

    Where does it say it's pitch-corrected?
  7. Andy Fusco RIP

    Thanks, Kev.
  8. Andy Fusco RIP

    Would someone please provide a link to a reputable source for this sad news?
  9. SteepleChase new releases

    I believe Spotify has all of the SteepleChase titles. Listen and enjoy.
  10. SteepleChase new releases

    Thanks for the heads up. I wish Bob Rockwell would record another album for SteepleChase.
  11. Harold Land - Westward Bound!

    Can an artist be "unsung" and "legendary"?
  12. Out of respect, we don't openly question other members' sales. If you want to be helpful, PM them instead.
  13. Philly Joe and Marable photo 1958

    What woman?