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  1. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    I like it. A Guardian's face will look good on the uniform sleeve, much better that Chief Wahoo.
  2. Sexiest album covers

  3. Sexiest album covers

  4. Did Volker Kriegel influenced Pat Metheny?

    Jim Hall and Mick Goodrick come to mind.
  5. CD length

    Geesh! Take it down a notch why doncha. I'm sure Kevin was kidding, as was I in my last post. For the record, the "butcher baby" cover was an anti-war statement, according to McCartney.
  6. CD length

    I was looking at the UK release accidentally on purpose.
  7. CD length

    Up until Revolver, that is.
  8. Mosaic Masters After They Go Out of Print

    FWIW, 20 of the Capitol Vaults Jazz Series sets are available on Spotify.
  9. Mosaic Masters After They Go Out of Print

    Capitol Vaults Jazz Series
  10. How do you pronounce.........

    Another possibility is "plahss" how to pronounce "Plas"
  11. Mod Squad opening credits: Cop: "What's your name?" Williams: "Hayes" Cop: "First name" Williams: "Liiiin-colnnnn!"
  12. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    animal abuse
  13. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Marijuana stores in Washington can offer pot for vaccines in 'joints for jabs' program.
  14. What a lineup.

    That concert was produced by Bob Reisner, who authored "Bird: The Legend Of Charlie Parker" in 1962.