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  1. Name Three People...

    Ce Ce Peniston BB King A A Milne
  2. Marc Levin Ensemble - Songs Dances and Prayers [Sweet Dragon, 1973]
  3. Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy [Earthforms] Knocks me out, every time
  4. Name Three People...

    Fiona Apple Don Cherry The Jam
  5. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    It's that long ago I don't know if they charged me on ordering or not. They're reputable so have no worries either way In stock at Honest Jon's now
  6. That picture made me laugh more than it should have done. I've always thought India Navigation was a tasty label but not quite in those terms. She has good taste!
  7. That's going to sound great, I'm sure and within no time you'll have forgotten the cost as you wallow in the SQ Did it come with toddler adaptations so they can play with it when Dad's not about?
  8. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    Emailed Mr Bongo who I placed my order with. Not holding my breath that all European preorders will be honoured if there's been a high US demand. We'll see.
  9. Now reading...

    I had forgotten about her. I was knocked out by one of her novels back in the 80s but I can't remember which it was. I should reacquaint myself.
  10. Yep. Others are 'I Talk With The Spirits',. 'Rip, Rig And Panic' and 'Slightly Latin'
  11. Name Three People...

    Donald Tusk Elon Musk George Smelly
  12. British jazz reissues

    I've just listened to 'Free An' One'. What a great listen, great remastering. Punchy music that swings like a good 'un. Peter King is tremendous on this, as they all are really.