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  1. I like the sound of that line-up
  2. Annette Peacock

    That ECM is a beautiful work
  3. Charles Lloyd - new film

    Great profile filmed by Dorothy Darr during their pandemic isolation. Here https://boulezsaal.de/charles-lloyd-love-longing-loss I read elsewhere that it's only available for a limited time but that doesn't seem to be stated on the linked page. Someone needs to record a solo album by the maestro
  4. what are you drinking right now?

    I don't know La Chouffe but I'm intrigued now. Looks like it might be available here too
  5. Three tracks into my first listen and he sounds in good voice. The lyrics on this small sample seem lazy. I like the vibes on track 3. Only 25 tracks to go! And, it's only vol 1...
  6. Family - Anyway Rediscovering this long buried gem after a friend sent me this. One of greatest Rock vocalists alongside a multifaceted band, rock vibes!
  7. Name Three People...

    Polly Jean Harvey The Invisible Rabbit John Bundrick
  8. Giancarlo Schiaffini - Jazz A Confronto 5 [Horo, 1973]
  9. Lol Coxhill, Andrea Centazzo, Giancarlo Schiaffini - Moot [Ictus, 1978] Surprisingly fitting Rugby League watching soundtrack
  10. Steve Lacy, Andrea Centazzo, Kent Carter - Trio Live [Ictus, 1977]
  11. Sadly not. I'd approve of the chair if it were mine too
  12. Name Three People...

    Russell Harty Thomas Partey Moriarty
  13. Name Three People...

    John Snow Ed Balls Joe Cocker
  14. I've no evidence to suggest otherwise but you never know these days...
  15. Thanks, that's just about a description of my situation too
  16. Do you have Passing Ships on CD to make a comparison? I'm very tempted by the LP as I have appreciated other Tone Poets.
  17. Yes, that's about it, shakuhachi all the way. It is an energetic live recording. Great band. "Full on" might be overstating it a bit it's not Brotzmann-esque this should give you an idea
  18. Steve Lacy - Outings [Ismez, 1986]
  19. Name Three People...

    Whitcomb L. Judson Samuel L. Jackson Farrell Sanders
  20. Name Three People...

    Emeric Pressburger Michael Powell Colonel Blimp
  21. Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - descension (Out Of Our Restrictions) [Eremite, 2021] I was there the night this was recorded at Oto, this excellent recording takes me straight back there. Great music making by all involved. and beforehand Andrew Hill - Hommage [East West, 1975] big thanks to HutchFan (again!) for recent prompt to fill this hole in my Hill collection.
  22. Name Three People...

    U-Roy I-Roy Roy of The Rovers