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  1. good to hear about the variation, I love the live version. I'd buy that T-shirt
  2. Larry Young Mosaic.

    All of them a solid gold winner
  3. Larry Young Mosaic.

    'Talkin' About', 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', 'Street Of Dreams' very happy to have all of those included
  4. Bother! (wallet accepts the apology) They differ sufficiently then? edit to add: Honest Jon's to the rescue!
  5. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Ha ha! I recently bought it for less than a 10th of that price
  6. Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet - Blue Beginnings [Jazz In Britain] Staying in Europe, prompted by the thread elsewhere Jef Gilson - A Gaveau Live [Sam Records, 2020] wondering if I need the studio version too
  7. Anyone read this? https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/komeda/
  8. Not nearly enough drizzle... OK, so that's £36 this thread has cost me already! Just purchased the Italian and Polish Jazz in film sets
  9. I was going to suggest that one. In fact anything by that band is great Thanks, or grazie Gents. Just come across this, compilation looks interesting. I knew, and had forgotten about the Polish cinema releases by the same label https://thebluemoment.com/2017/02/19/a-soundtrack-of-the-60s-italian-style/
  10. Absolutely Hutchfan! I'm looking forward to hearing any Scandinavian recommendations. I know some names from this thread's era but not in any depth. Italian too actually, beyond Gaslini
  11. Yes, mine too. Except, thinking about TKK's mention of 'Astigmatic' a different idea of freedom, possibly as well as the lifestyle freedom, for the European musicians in the Eastern Bloc perhaps, still with the drizzle though. Thinking more about those US fantasies I wonder whether there's something to be said that some of the UK jazzers turned away from that, possibly as unattainable, and took some influences to forge their own sound. I'm thinking about Tubby Hayes, Rendell/Carr, Garrick and even Stan Tracey. all obviously very conversant with US music and influenced by it but did they really try to emulate it or produce something a bit more of their own. That 'pastoral' sound and hard bop that wasn't really. As I type this I'm listening to Surman's 'How Many Clouds Can You See?', just outside your date range, and it definitely has that European ,maybe UK, rather than US sound. I fear I may be missing the whole point of tis thread...
  12. Now reading...

    Ha ha! Yes, a light summer read. The edition I have, Oxford World Classics, is surprisingly readable, so far. Inspired by R4's 'In Our Time' a few months ago.
  13. Now reading...

    William Langland - Piers Plowman
  14. Start with a second mortgage if my memory serves me right about vinyl copies of RAU
  15. All Things Hat

    Will definitely get this if both albums are there in their entirety
  16. This now. Sounding very immediate but definitely sitting on the same side of the stage as the drummer
  17. Need some hosepipe action on this weather! Thankfully sorting office is only a 10 minute walk. It'll be on the deck by 8.00 for a pre-work spin from the box set
  18. That sounds like a good night. I have tickets for their "What's Going On" tribute in November.
  19. Missed postie this morning. One to collect tomorrow
  20. The Cookers

    New Cookers album from Gearbox in September https://twitter.com/GearboxRecords/status/1417832985223733255?s=19
  21. Miles Davis - Merci, Miles! Live at Vienne

    I've listened a few times and think it's a reminder of just how good this band was at the time
  22. Charles Tyler Ensemble - s/t [ESP-Disk, 1966] just great
  23. British jazz reissues

    two new ones from Rhythm and Blues, a Garrick and more Rendell/Carr http://rhythmandbluesrecords.co.uk/?product_cat=jazz-cds
  24. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    You're on their radar now, be very careful in future if I were you