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  1. Roach/Harper/Bridgewater/Workman

    Wow! I like that description too especially as last week I saw a drummer, Sarathy Korwar, play just like that with a alto and Bari/flute front line, keyboards not bass in this instance holding the rhythm. And sometimes, the saxes too with the drums as lead. Like Max.
  2. What Are You Watching

    Just finished 'The Dectectorists', all three series. Simply one of the best comedies from UK television in years. Beautifully observed, written and acted elevating the mundane to the heights it deserves. Yes, I liked it!
  3. I'll respond by repeating the part of my post you didn't quite... I'm sorry but I still don't buy it. A 52 year old man presented by a 17/18 yo female offering whatever from whatever experience or perspective, that man should be thinking "this isn't right" no matter how much she"s pushing it or he's wanting it. I don't see any overly harsh judgement there. Yes, there's shades of grey but there's also lines that really should bring a clear thinking adult to a halt as when presented with certain circumstances, as those above.
  4. Wish I was in that position. Always liked it, often a lot. Sour taste now.
  5. Roach/Harper/Bridgewater/Workman

  6. I'm sorry but I still don't buy it. A 52 year old man presented by a 17/18 yo female offering whatever from whatever experience or perspective, that man should be thinking "this isn't right" no matter how much she"s pushing it or he's wanting it. There's posts perilously close to victim blaming and prurience amongst other things in this thread which make for uncomfortable reading. As I said upthread, let's stop dancing on pinheads
  7. Yeah temptresses the lot of them. Such a trial being a middle-aged male faced by that. You'd think society would be more fairly stacked towards men by now wouldn't you...
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That may just be my prompt to dig it out. Years since I listened to it. I remember enjoying it, with some reservations, at the time.
  9. Oh but sadly some are in some circumstances. There's far too much evidence of people 'coming back for more' in relationships that are abusive or where the power dynamic rests against them. That's incontrovertible I'm afraid, as anyone who has worked in the field will attest. Not saying that's the case here but it sure feels like it to me, maybe not the abusive elements but definitely the power dynamic.
  10. Name Three People...

    Tyrone Mings Han Bennink Tangerine Dream
  11. Geri Allen

    I have just realised that if it's the QEH gig I was there. Definitely need to hear it now
  12. Lots of dancing on the heads of pins. He shouldn't have done it, whatever the situation.
  13. That's a great album
  14. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    I have no reason to doubt this but I also have no idea what compensation Sam agreed with Harper. For all we know it could be an exception to that rule.
  15. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    And all power to his elbow. As the owner of several of his releases I'm pleased he does what he does in the way he so chooses. And I agree with Pin, this Harper is special.
  16. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I dropped my subscription to Wire ten years ago and partly for that reason and partly because its sheer editorial eclecticism was leaving me behind. Not Wire's fault. I"m with you on uncritical reviews. This, I think is bolstered by star rating with critics seemingly listening to music always 3.5 - 5 stars good. It's most telling when a release receives a number of reviews and the extracts from the press kit are readily identifiable in all of them I'm not sure I read many reviews these days but use sites like Free Jazz Collective as a handy new releases listing instead. I realise typing this that I've not even read Point Of Departure for ages, one of the better sources. As for writing on art I have never found a periodical that doesn't completely confound me, despite attempts over 30+ years. I stick with my catalogues (just now thoroughly enjoying the Tate Agnes Martin catalogue again) and the fabulously staid magazine that comes with my Art Fund membership. Listening to 'Mutual Aid Music' now, prompted by this exchange. Really enjoying it.
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Nate Wooley - Mutual Aid Music
  18. Bandcamp Recommendations

    I have been doing similar, dl files and upload to Plex to play but recently I have been streaming straight from the BC app and not realised it was a new function - doh! I knew I was missing something. Thanks for enlighreningt me.
  19. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    The review on Free Jazz and a couple of others made very heavy work of the link between mutual aid and improvisation. Something I thought was bleeding obvious. I didn't read the liners but suspect they may have been the source. I like Woodley a lot and admire his Sound American initiative but I do fear he over- theorises a touch. The noise around MAM seemed to be an extreme example but maybe I'm just a cynical old Hector these days...
  20. Bandcamp Recommendations

    Hasn't that always been available? I have downloaded all my BC purchases over the years to my laptop or phone. Or am I missing something here (very probably)?
  21. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I'd not bought a Wooley release for a while, since the first 'Battle Pieces' I think (had far too much) I think but bought both 'Mutual Aid Music' and his duo with Perelman. Really enjoying both. Did get very weary, very quickly with all the theorising around MAM though.
  22. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    All of know is that he releases stacks of stuff, always appearing on the DMG weekly list. Never listened to any of it, don't know why
  23. I do have some trouble disassociating his music from his actions. I've bought every one of his releases I think and this episode definitely leads a very sour taste to the prospect of listening to it again. I probably shall but not immediately. I will definitely think twice before putting money his way again.