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  1. 6 minutes ago, HutchFan said:

    More Foster & Wess, but further back in time:


    Recorded in 1956 and 1957

    Interesting instrumentation on most cuts:  Two saxes, two trombones (Benny Powell & Henry Coker) and no pianist.  The rhythm section cooks just fine though.  Not a surprise given the players -- Kenny Burrell, Eddie Jones & Kenny Clarke.

    I wonder if the pianist was a no-show... or if they were intentionally going for a lighter "West Coast" sound à la Mulligan & Baker.  The author of the liner notes doesn't say anything about it.


    I like the sound of that line-up

  2. 3 hours ago, EKE BBB said:


    It is one of the weakest VM discs, for sure, monotonous and a bit tedious, awfully produced and with annoying backing chorus, and particularly a few songs do suck, but... actually it is not the end of the world as it has been described in the Guardian review and in the VM dedicated thread in this board!

    Three tracks into my first listen and he sounds in good voice. The lyrics on this small sample seem lazy.  I like the vibes on track 3. 

    Only 25 tracks to go! And, it's only vol 1...

  3. 9 minutes ago, dougcrates said:

    I have the Passing Ships CD which sounds great and I wasn't desperate for a new edition but I picked up the Tone Poet because it's my favourite Andrew Hill album.  I'm not an audiophile or vinyl fetishist but the vinyl does sound really good to me.  

    Thanks, that's just about a description of my situation too

  4. a0514424030_16.jpg

    Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - descension (Out Of Our Restrictions) [Eremite, 2021]

    I was there the night this was recorded at Oto, this excellent recording takes me straight back there.  Great music making by all involved.

    and beforehand


    Andrew Hill - Hommage [East West, 1975]

    big thanks to HutchFan (again!) for recent prompt to fill this hole in my Hill collection.