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  1. 7 minutes ago, slide_advantage_redoux said:


    Whenever I try to attach a pic I get messages saying the file is too large. I tried using a file compressing app, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Am I missing something? 

    I have only ever 'copy image' from Discogs mostly and just paste.

    I do come across your problem if I ever try paste a photo from my gallery

  2. 37 minutes ago, Big Beat Steve said:



    Just a note to remind those wondering ;) that there indeed was a "pre-Passport"  Klaus Doldinger.
    - Rolf Kühn feat. Klaus Doldinger (Brunswick, 1962)
    - Jazz Made in Germany / Dig Doldinger (Philips, 1963)
    - Doldinger Live at Blue Note Berlin (Philips, 1963)
    - Doldinger Goes On (Philips, 1967)



    Thumbs up for Doldinger. Rolf Kuhn is someone I've often thought I should investigate further

  3. 15 hours ago, Dan Gould said:


    There are preliminary indications the UK Delta-surge is abating which is an interesting indication of what their total protection - partial, full, "natural" - may be.

    Very early and in no way definitive. They certainly don't reflect our government's reckless 'freedoom day' rhetoric or reality. The effects of the opening up on community infection rates won't be measurable yet. Look again in a couple of weeks.

    I want to be hopeful but I don't feel it. I know of enough double vaxed people who have caught it in this new wave. Thankfully so far without deaths but with some serious illness. The country's daily death rate is rising again and hospitals are beginning to feel the pinch once more.

    15 hours ago, Dan Gould said:


    Second point is that I don't feel like enforced masking is the right choice anymore.  If you want to, fine, have at it. But the aggravation (I wear glasses, its hard enough dealing with steamy Florida going in and out of A/C without masks) just to protect others, when those likely to have the worst outcomes are the ones refusing to vaccinate? 


    I'm continuing to wear a mask and that's as a glasses wearer. The way I see it is that mask wearing only works as a mutual protection so the more people see others without them they won't bother. If everyone continues then a  protection level can be achieved as a critical mass wear masks. 

    I'm on a train now doing a journey I have done regularly through the pandemic. Mask wearing, which is still required on public transport, is markedly down from about 90% to 65%. Not good as I see it

  4. 8 minutes ago, Big Beat Steve said:

    Thanks, but remember my listening suggestions are of course colored by my personal stylistic preferences (which are largely pre-free and off-Third Stream). Others may put the emphasis elsewhere so it is up to you to pick ...
    Till later, then ... ;)

    Nonetheless, I echo the thanks for your post. Very interesting, thanks for taking the time to post it

  5. 3 hours ago, romualdo said:

    New Jazz in Britain Joe Harriott release (download) titled "Formation: Live '61


    Recorded a few months after the "Free Form" album with 4/5 tracks from it on this live in studio recording (Les Condon replaces Shaky Keane for this session)

    As usual with the previous JIB releases the SQ is very good IMHO.

    Will be released as a 12" EP next January but I've already downloaded it & burnt it to CDr

    EP ordered, downloaded as well. Excellent release 

    JiB really do have the longest lead-in times on th market for their vinyl releases. 6 months!


  6. 46 minutes ago, sidewinder said:


    That's a lovely album. Horace Tapscott!

    1 hour ago, sidewinder said:

    The studio version has better sound and solos (eg. Shaw) in my opinion. Live version very nice addition. Quite different feel to the two versions.

    They should do a T-Shirt with that logo !

    :tup good to hear about the variation, I love the live version.  I'd buy that T-shirt

  7. 8 minutes ago, HutchFan said:

    Regarding pre-1970s Mangelsdorff, I know that this one -- recorded in 1964 -- is considered seminal:


    The rhythm section is one of the many things that make this album special.  The bassist Günter Lenz and drummer Rolf Hübner are REALLY good.


    I was going to suggest that one. In fact anything by that band is great

    15 minutes ago, Teasing the Korean said:

    Go for the film composers - Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni, for starters. 



    14 minutes ago, porcy62 said:

    In Italy Jazz composers  and players were high in demand for soundtracks in the late fifties and sixties The most famous were Piero Umiliani e Piero Piccioni.

    Thanks, or grazie Gents. 

    Just come across this, compilation looks interesting.  I knew, and had forgotten about the Polish cinema releases by the same label


  8. 8 minutes ago, HutchFan said:

    I don't think you're missing the point at all! ... There are many different perspectives.  Each of us bring our own, and none are "right."

    It's so interesting to me that we all love JAZZ -- but we all love it differently, from our own personal angles.


    Absolutely Hutchfan!

    I'm looking forward to hearing any Scandinavian recommendations.  I know some names from this thread's era but not in any depth.  Italian too actually, beyond Gaslini

  9. 33 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

    Ha ha! As a European (London varietal) I had in mind a quite different set of images of European jazz in the 50s: drizzle, chips, and fantasies of "America" and everything it was supposed to represent, which I'm pretty sure was a feature across the European scenes (maybe less drizzle in Italy).

    Yes, mine too.  Except, thinking about TKK's mention of 'Astigmatic' a different idea of freedom, possibly as well as the lifestyle freedom, for the European musicians in the Eastern Bloc perhaps, still with the drizzle though.

    Thinking more about those US fantasies I wonder whether there's something to be said that some of the UK jazzers turned away from that, possibly as unattainable, and took some influences to forge their own sound.  I'm thinking about Tubby Hayes, Rendell/Carr, Garrick and even Stan Tracey.  all obviously very conversant with US music and influenced by it but did they really try to emulate it or produce something a bit more of their own. That 'pastoral' sound and hard bop that wasn't really.  As I type this I'm listening to Surman's 'How Many Clouds Can You See?', just outside your date range, and it definitely has that European ,maybe UK, rather than US sound.

    I fear I may be missing the whole point of tis thread...

  10. 9 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

    Gosh. Getting stuck in ahead of the inevitable next lockdown?

    Ha ha! Yes, a light summer read.  The edition I have, Oxford World Classics, is surprisingly readable, so far.

    Inspired by R4's 'In Our Time' a few months ago.