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  1. Sexiest Music Videos

  2. Sorry for the shorthand. I meant that Ross's fervent endorsement of the music of those particular contemporary composers means that he thinks that their "answers" to what is really the "Please, God -- is there some kind of modern concert music that good-sized audiences will like, this side of Lowell Leiberman or a string arrangement of Radiohead, 'cause if there isn't, I'm out of a f---ing job here" question are the right answers. God, how naively I read the original passage.
  3. So what's the answer?? Nobody seemed to know! Not to put too fine a point on it, but Ross is selling us a piece of bullshit here. On the one hand, unless a poll were taken of everyone in who happened to be in that railway carriage and overheard Mahler's question, the only somebodies literally present who could have replied were Alma, and Rosegger, assuming that Mahler's question was sincere. That they didn't have an answer means ... what?? On the other hand, that last sentence really exists to create the expectation that Ross himself has or will eventually come up with the answer. To the degree that he does, it seems to be Thomas Ades, John Adams, and Osvaldo Golijov. Hold on. Ross's answer to the question 'Does the poet mean the voice of the people at the present time or over time?' is 'Thomas Ades, John Adams, and Osvaldo Golijov'? Can you give me a semantic bridge to cross here? Well, there was that one guy on Amazon whose one-star reviews of Schoenberg (early or late) likened the whole equality-of-the-tones thing to communism.
  4. How crazy a driver are you?

    Do you suppose that there are any women that can testify to this?
  5. Scriabin

    Opus 65, but, hell yeah! How did you come upon this? I've had this LP since the early 80s. Don't know if it was ever reissued. Your mention of Op. 65 brought me a chuckle. I won $50 in my high school's piano competition for Op. 65 #3. My public library has a 1988 CD issue of it. I think that piece was the first Scriabin I tried to learn. I'd cramp like nobody's business at Rudy's tempos; I don't think I fingered the left hand right. Of course, I didn't have that financial incentive.
  6. Scriabin

    Opus 65, but, hell yeah! How did you come upon this?
  7. Luciano Pavarotti, dead at 71

    Don't forget the 10,000 words of .
  8. search function

    Er, yes.
  9. search function

    The whole problem in the initial posting seems to stem from not selecting 'Search entire post' under 'Search Where'.
  10. A Modest Proposal

    You're what??
  11. 'Hey, you wanna see my organ?' *slap* 'No, I mean my pipe organ.' *slap* Not that a B3's a pipe organ or anything.
  12. But does the clarinet?
  13. What exactly is the defect?