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  1. Laid off today - now what?

    Sorry to hear the news. It's an increasingly familiar story these days. My advice is to: 1. File for unemployment. 2. Register for social security. You may or may not want to begin collecting it, but it's important to at least register with social security if you haven't done so already. 3. File for medicare if you haven't done so already. It's most likely a better deal than switching to COBRA for health insurance. Losing your job is a "qualifying event" and you can sign up for Medicare if you haven't done so already without incurring a penalty for filing too late after you reach the qualifying age. 4. Enjoy the time off. Listen to music. Read things you want to read instead of things you need to read for work. Pursue your hobbies. Consider volunteering for worthwhile activities. 5. If you like what you were doing, consider consulting. If you do this, you might want to form an LLC to protect yourself. There may be some tax benefits for doing this as well. It may not seem like it at the moment, but it may really be a blessing in disguise.
  2. Putting CDs on I Phone via Mac & USB Superdrive

    Out of curiosity, how long does it take your iMac and Superdrive to "recognize" a CD after insertion? Mine used to be really fast. Now it often takes on the order of minute for the CD to be read and another 30 second to a minute to get the query about importing. I've tried contacting Apple to gain some insight into what might be happening, so far without any success.
  3. Khan Jamal: Infinity

    I got a download a couple of weeks ago. Well worth it.
  4. Fletcher Henderson info requested / 1920s

    . Very cool, except for the doo-wacka-doo by the trumpets. The alto sax was rather ripe as well. Still, I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Fletcher Henderson info requested / 1920s

    There's not much in Hendersonia about his two sides on Edison. Just this: "It has been erroneously assumed that Edison's recording studios were in Orange, N.J. Although his factory and pressing facilities were in Orange, his studios were in New York City at that time. These records are a quarter-inch thick, are vertically cut, and can be played only on an Edison diamond disc reproducer. Those who have such a machine, however, will be rewarded by the finest fidelity of the acoustical era, and by playing times of over four minutes per side." Walter Allen provides additional information on the two sides, including identification of soloists. There's another Henderson book, pictured below, but it has no information about Henderson's recordings on Edison.
  6. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    No, not Jack. I think it was Tony Cenamo who used "Stolen Moments" as a theme (on WBUR).
  7. Spiritual jazz

    I tried pasting an image, without success, showing the usage of the term "spiritual jazz" over the last century or so. This link should bring you to the image: https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=spiritual+jazz&year_start=1910&year_end=2019&corpus=26&smoothing=3 The figure shows an initial peak around 1925. Then there's a period of steady increase in usage from 1990 to 2000. It's been increasing again over the last few years. The usage pattern varies somewhat depending upon the filtering selection that is used. This, of course, says nothing about the way in which the term was used (certainly there was a different context in the mid to late 1920s), just the frequency with which it was used.
  8. link to stream of Edison Diamond Discs

    Chewy, Some Edison discs are available from the Discography of American Historical Recordings. Go here: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/objects/search Select Edison from the drop down menu under label and hit the search button. Click on "audio online" near the top where it says: Show only discs with audio online This will give you a list of all their Edison discs for which audio is available. Next, find a disc that you want to hear (say Edison 2493) and click on the link. This will bring you to a page for Edison 2493. On that page, click on the matrix number link (3331 in this case). This will bring you to a page from which you can listen to or download the sound file. For this disc, you should get to this page: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/2000151057/3331-My_dream_of_dreams Happy listening (although much of what is on Edison is not of particular interest)! - Jon
  9. Imaginary Mosaics

    Scott Robinson recorded an entire album on C-melody.
  10. Imaginary Mosaics

    Hit of the Week
  11. From Krin Gabbard's bio of Mingus: "By an extremely unfortunate coincidence, Knepper stopped by to see his old boss a few days before the Town Hall concert, and Mingus hired him on the spot to copy out parts. (Knepper had beautiful handwriting, and Mingus had actually paid him to copy out parts when he ws a member of the Jazz Workshop.). As Mingus was handing piles of music to Knepper and at least two other copyists, time continued to slip away. Knepper was not producing at the rate Mingus wanted, and when Charles also asked him to compose figures for the band to play behind soloists, he refused. In response, Mingus punched Knepper in the face with such force that he knocked out a tooth."
  12. The Richard Wyands was originally issued on Jazzcraft. It's been out before on CD, on Storyville. I have this: The 1998 issue has the same 9 tracks that are on the new issue. There's no additional Wyands on the recent Wyands/Lawson set.
  13. Isn't that on the Savoy box? That's from December 1938. Is this something else?
  14. Hi Ken,

    I should be able to help you out.

    - Jon

  15. Hi.  I've also been looking for this CD for several years, but I've been unable to navigate the Japanese sites where I've seen it pictured.  

    Could you be of any assistance in locating it?

    - Jon