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  1. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    Only 'Estoy Cansado' is in the same latin mood and with bandvocal.
  2. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    Yes that one. Both versions are on CD 2 of the select. timings inlay 4:20, CD player 4:22 and 6:05 inlay 6:07 CD player
  3. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    This version was recorded for LP 'Experiments In Sound' April 28th, 1958. And is included in the Select.
  4. Brian Priestley

    last Saturday my copy of the DESUK magazine Blue Light. Included was the CD 'Who Knows? The uncovered Ellington' by Brian Priestley from 2003. It features 16 selections: Blue Pepper, Hand Me Down Love, Azure, Don't You Know I Care, Who Knows?, Almost Cried, Johnny Come Lately, East, East, by East, After All, Cop Out, Searchin', That's What He says, What Are You Gonna Do (When The Bed Breaks Down)?, Tootin Through The Roof, Lotus Blossom. All very nice. Azure is payed as a piano piece taking on a Monk with a soft side touch.
  5. Mosaic website

    And the new website is up.
  6. Mosaic website

    It is strange. On my tablet I get the old site again. On my laptop nothing. We'll wait and see.
  7. Mosaic website

    I hope so but there was nothing about that i their mail tonight explaining their situation.
  8. I tried to go to the Mosaic website I get a under construction message. Does anyone have the same trouble?
  9. I just collected The new Louis Armstrong Mosaic from a post collection point. Disc 1 playing. Glorious Satchmo
  10. Mine left the warehouse yesterday.
  11. Imaginary Mosaics

    That would be an awful lot of Frank Trumbauer (not a complaint). There was a Bix Beiderbecke/Frank Trumbauer/Jack Teagarden set. That features his work for Columbia/Okeh. His recordings for Victor with the Benson Orchestra of Chicago and Paul Whiteman and others have never been collected in one collection. I don't know about other C-melody players. I would be interested in that.
  12. Imaginary Mosaics

    Might prove to have too many CD's
  13. I'm waiting for it to arrive.
  14. It's not on the Savoy or Savory box . Some issues give give October 19 1938 but Armstrong was in New Orleans that day. Info from Tom Lord disco. I have the Recording on Neatwork Louis Armstrong volume 2 1935-1944 and Frémeaux The complete Louis Armstrong vol 9. Jeepers Creepers is included but not mentioned in the booklet. Disc 1 has 23 tracks in stead of 22. There are many more issues of this session.
  15. The previous Armstrong set was from 2014 (RCA Victor and Columbia live recordings). When I suggested this set to Mosaic I didn't anticipate so much extra material. 3 albums with alternate takes and a few singles. I suggested this set beacause I had trouble tracking down CD's with the master takes of Play W.C Handy and Satch plays Fats. So for me it is a must have. I 'm not suggesting that Mosaic did this set only because I asked for it.