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  1. Your audio equipment?

    All done and setup... I have wanted to do one of these correctly for a long time. A Technics SP10 MKII that has received the Krebs treatment, DAS dual arm plinth, Fidelity Research FR24 MKII 9", Jelco TK-950L MKII 12", Sph copper mat and record stabilizer. Ortofon and Audio Technica carts. Time for a listen tonight hopefully.
  2. Your audio equipment?

    A few pics of late including new restored Thornes TD124 TT. STS serviced with upgrades including a rewired and serviced Ortofon RMG-212 tonearm. A new idler wheel from AudioSilente of Italy. A WoodSong Audio thrust bearing kit with an 8mm thick bronze cap, a 6mm thick Torlon thrust pad, and a Grade 5 sapphire ball bearing. An MK2 conversion kit with the Hanze Hi-Fi Motor Spring Suspension kit is also installed. In this conversion, the 3 motor suspension mount studs of the MK1 motor, are replaced with longer motor suspension studs to give more motor suspension travel as well as allowing installation of the Hanze HiFi motor spring suspension system which reduces motor noise into the chassis by -16db over the standard double polymer bushing design which is still installed on most TD124’s. SPH copper mat copper record stabilizer, and Waynes outer ring round things out.
  3. Your audio equipment?

    Lenco PTP build with a Fidelity Research FR-24 MKII tonearm is setup with an Audio Technica cartridge for starters. I'll be trying several different cartridges in the coming time.
  4. Your audio equipment?

    Jon Anderson Custom 604's
  5. Your audio equipment?

  6. Your audio equipment?

    Greg Metz STS modified Thorens TD124 MKII in custom plinth, with an Alfred Bokrand Custom Ortofon Tonearm mounted on a black sourced armboard, with a beloved brand new NOS Ortofon SPU Royal A cartridge, topped off with Nordost Quattro-fil phono cable.
  7. Your audio equipment?

    James Burgess 2a3
  8. Your audio equipment?

    The tubes are EL84/6BQ5. I lost track if my dear friend Eddie Vaughn about 13 years ago and after several attempts over the years I could never make contact with him. I saw an obituary in 2015 for an Eddie Vaughn in Arkansas where he was from. It’s been on my mind for some time and I recently was able to acquire an original Carina amp he had built as I always wanted one. That's why I put up with the shipping mishap and will be keeping it even though up close it has seen many many better days, but as it now just has another chapter to the story of me trying to track one down it will remain here with me.
  9. Your audio equipment?

    After over 10 years this happened. Someone reached out to me with a Carina. I was very happy until it arrived and it was the worst packing job I have ever seem (From the UPS store mind you). The seller wasn't comfortable packing it but UPS was not the answer in this case. After going through it the last two days I have it as presentable as it's going to get. From far away it's okay but up close it's a mess on the sides and front and one of the tranny bells is dented ever so slightly but I am keeping it. It sounds really great so far but will get a good going through soon.
  10. Your audio equipment?

    Custom Bottlehead Kaiju 300B amp with DC filament upgrade and Shuguang Audio Treasure Series 300B's.
  11. Your audio equipment?

    Rock, reggae, soul, country, funk, soul, are some.
  12. Your audio equipment?

    Thank you for sharing your opinions. It’s what makes this all interesting and fun (for me at least). Being “at this” for a bit as you have been is great but I’m not sure what it means. BTW I’m not “arguing” as you referred about anything. Just conversing. The theater chairs are no longer there so no blue lights but they did make nice lighting for movie watching which I almost never do anymore. :). BTW Roughly 10,000 lp’s mostly jazz, blues and classical.
  13. Your audio equipment?

    Hello. Not one piece of gear I own is the same or a redundant piece other than a few R2R decks. For turntables I own a belt drive, idler drive, and direct drive. Amps are the following tube types... 42, 45, ,46, 47, EL84, EL34, 2A3, 300B. I do not own a CD player (that I use anyway). I have two rooms and 4 sets of custom speakers and gear gets rotated depending on my mood and music on any given day. For me it’s much more than an old parts collection. I’ve waited up to almost a year for some of these pieces to be designed and built. I can swap any piece in or out in a few minutes. Ken Uesugi 42 type tube amp/DAC/pre
  14. Your audio equipment?

    Plain black Tubelab Simple Single Ended EL34 Amp triode wired single-ended amplifier designed by George Anderson. This amplifier has a beefier power supply than usually offered in the basic design and, Obbligato coupling caps, Kiwame and PRP resistors, and Transcendar Output transformers. It's not the prettiest amp but sounds very very good!